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  1. I know that its not q about baccarat, but i am interested is there anyone of you guys that is investing in stocks ?
  2. 7th winning day iar ? How about 40 years mate ?! 6,7,8 prog Millions man
  3. Yes, Monte Carlo, beautiful casino, and beautiful town, realy you can not describe with the words,but not so much action on the bacc tables like in the Bond movies. And yes, its still 10euros to enter. Casino Barriere in Paris, 16euros to enter, but tables are full. So if someone wants to come, i am here Blitz
  4. Unfortunately, here in france, something like that you can see just on the movies. Baccarat is not so popular game here. Usually, there is just one bacc table, and its empty, or its closed. If you want to play bacc in france, you can come here in paris, casino barriere, there are few tables and they are usually full.
  5. Something that we all do after visiting public forum
  6. To me its just sad when i remember how respected he was here. And he left behind all that for just one thing, something he was striving for all the time, even here on BTC, more $. I remember when i just got here, and i told Norm, how it seems to me that Ellis is really good player, and that he knows a lot about this game. He told me that he is, but just to not belive everything he says. Seems that old Norm was better then us in more things, and not just in bacc
  7. New York Times reporter asked Stephen Hawking what his IQ was. “I have no idea,” the theoretical physicist replied. “People who boast about their IQ are losers.”
  8. Yeah sure. Just saw Fedda with fiance on the way to casino. I hope that he take her in the resto. Or .......
  9. Yeah so cool that even after 2 years you did not started to play real money. But sure take your time, casinos will be here forever. One day you will be making that 50$ per day. Just dont forget to buy that 3m long rope.
  10. Yes i can, but you will do it far more often than me because of your 52% hit rate. And i with 63% and not betting every hand amd stop after 2 losses not so often. And since this is 50/50 game a think that its not so easy to lose your whole bankroll of 40units using flat bet.
  11. Ok good lets make it 1000$ bankroll. Still we would use 10% of that bankroll and thats 100$, that will gives us 4 units of 25$. So to get your 50$ we still need just 2 units for that day. But you, you will play that shoe with 1$ and you will play it to get +50 units and you will risk whole bankroll and not just 10% like we. Do you see it now?
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