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  1. I flat bet half units until I reach 1 full unit, then continue flat betting with a trailing stop loss ala W84it
  2. Turn the page? Are the amplifiers ringing in your head? You some" ramblin gamblin man",or are you just trying to" get out of Denver"? Still have the "night moves" and "the fire down below" for "Mary Lou"or do you just like to watch "her strut" "against the wind Here on "main street" in the "hollywood nights" "Betty Lou's getting out tonight" so "let it rock"to some "heavy music" while she does "the horizontal bop""we've got the night" We don't want to be a "beautiful loser" "lookin back" to "Katmandu" "against the wind""like a rock" We might all "feel like a number"but alas
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