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  1. Oh and @mookie nearest casino with Baccarat is in Canada but I mainly fly to Vegas it's cheap and not far from here.
  2. Hey @mookie no problem at all and I'm sorry i haven't had a chance to get around to this post yet. Like many of you I'm sure i got my start with a system seller and learned quickly they were full of shit....didn't learn my lesson there and bought another system from someone else and realized there was a pattern developing that wasn't on the positive side of my betting. So I decided to seek out others playing the game on a more permanent routine with no systems. Most played some form of progression style and pattern recognition. i started to see what they were doing and picked up on some minor patterns when i realized that my biggest problem was playing to many hands. once i started betting less and only waiting for certain patterns it was amazing how my hit rate started coming up. However i was still using a heavy martingale progression and no discipline finally paying the ultimate price wiping out my bankroll. I stumbled across BTC last year in my journey to rebuild my bankroll by working and had some really good success with what I was learning. I decided that I would not bet another dollar unless my hit-rate was over 50% right then and there my journey started. i had taken everything I was learning and practiced religiously. I read everything I could find on the site and had some personal issues that arose which forced me to leave BTC and focus more on working for a living. But BTC was always in the back of my mind and I was determined to get back. So less than a year later and tons of practice later I'm back. I have done my best to learn from all those hear @kachatz1, @CANADABACC, @W84it, @Dixon, & @Keith Smith. As well as others not yet on the forum but trying to get them to join. All that said I don't hold myself to one thing except DNA, FTS, and 5D mainly. I still progress but am working more and more on flat betting but have a stop loss now and strict adherence to it. I was officially laid off yesterday from the Oilfield which is awesome because now I get to practice more on this and it was my plan to quit anyway. Now I get paid to get ready for my Baccarat career. Looking forward to meeting each of you in the near future and continue my journey thank you all!
  3. I'm currently living in North Dakota been here 3 years...used to live in in Ohio for 17 years...Michigan 18 years...North Carolina 3 years...Texas 4 years...Maine 1 year...basically I am a Gypsy always went where the work was. Now as of April 3rd I will make my living playing Baccarat and I'm saying goodbye to the Oilfields forever! Thanks to everyone on this site that has help make that a reality!!!
  4. I have always used a fibonacci or martingale system. However as of lately I have tried just to be flat betting.
  5. Thanks for the Welcome message

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