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  1. Oh and @mookie nearest casino with Baccarat is in Canada but I mainly fly to Vegas it's cheap and not far from here.
  2. Hey @mookie no problem at all and I'm sorry i haven't had a chance to get around to this post yet. Like many of you I'm sure i got my start with a system seller and learned quickly they were full of shit....didn't learn my lesson there and bought another system from someone else and realized there was a pattern developing that wasn't on the positive side of my betting. So I decided to seek out others playing the game on a more permanent routine with no systems. Most played some form of progression style and pattern recognition. i started to see what they were doing and picked up on s
  3. I'm currently living in North Dakota been here 3 years...used to live in in Ohio for 17 years...Michigan 18 years...North Carolina 3 years...Texas 4 years...Maine 1 year...basically I am a Gypsy always went where the work was. Now as of April 3rd I will make my living playing Baccarat and I'm saying goodbye to the Oilfields forever! Thanks to everyone on this site that has help make that a reality!!!
  4. I have always used a fibonacci or martingale system. However as of lately I have tried just to be flat betting.
  5. Thanks for the Welcome message

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