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  1. Keith, I arrived in Vegas and am staying at the Venitin, room 5228. Would like to meet this afternoon or night, if possible, if any of you are getting together. I didn't rent a car but, happy to chip in for gas. Give me a call at 9727420765.

  2. almost forgot, if you would like to contact me directly my # is 972-742-0765

    1. kachatz1


      Should be no problem to meet up...Just let me know your times of arrival/ departure and where you are staying.

    2. scubadude


      Hey Kevin, Thanks for the reply, Ill be arriving Vegas Jan 2  at 11:52 am and will be staying at the Orleans. Looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Kevin, i will be in Vegas Jan 2-5 and would love to meet with you. Ive been trying your 87% method at some of the casinos in Shreveport LA but, would like your input and observe how you play it. Let me know if we can meet up.

    1. kachatz1


      OK, suggest we meet up at Gold Coast Hotel/ Casino...it’s about a mile from The Orleans...

      Meet up Friday, Jan 3@9:00 am in TGI Friday’s Restaurant ....we’ll talk some, then move to the tables...

    2. scubadude


      Sounds good, I'll send you there.

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