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  1. Sounds like you are referencing a Spice 1 rap song called 187 Proof from 1992 album. Lots of alcohol character references in that one for you, if you can handle rap.
  2. Hi Keith, 

    I read the 5D manual. It is a little difficult to understand but I am kind of getting it. I have watched the videos in the consummate baccarat thread. I have a good understanding of plus 1. 

    Can you direct me to any threads or videos on 4D "or is it 5D with MDB" and also V87 threads so I can analyze this more. I see Kevin has his number up but I don't want to bother the guy until I have can run through some off this on my own. Also any threads on MDB tactics would be cool. I have ran some searches but I am not getting the gold mine info threads. Except I did find the really good one plus one. Plus One - The New Paradigm (Good, Bad and Ugly)


    Thank you.


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