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    Grew up in Oregon. Loved playing sports growing up. Suffered from a lot of health issues as a teenager which led to some hard times but I feel I am better because of the struggle. Dropped out of college to just trade stocks to my parents dismay haha. Want to see if I can become a professional gambler as well because trading stocks is pretty much gambling.
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    philosophy, spirituality, sports, fitness, outdoors
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  1. What scorecard do you use to play 5D

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    2. TroyCarv


      I actually lost 8 and won 7. Should have been more patient in the beginning and taken better advantage of the player strong side. 

      also With they way I record stuff, I only have enough room for a little over half a shoe on 1 side of the card. But I don’t like playing the whole shoe, I get shoe fatigue. I like getting 3-5 units from a shoe and then moving on. Or stop when I’m 1/2 -2/3 through the shoe. 

    3. Bulldog


      I agree will I can play this system I going to have a stop loss of 4-6 units and stop win of 4 units.  Again thank you for the help.

    4. TroyCarv
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