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  1. Keith, I've purchased all 3 BJ systems within the last 6 months. How do I meet "The Most Interesting BJ Player in the World?" In additiion, how do I access the BJ Forum? Al
  2. Another suggestion would be to have one in AC and one in Las Vegas. Kind of a east meets west thingy. In my opinion, having a Players Summit should happen more often. Al
  3. Keith, I would definitely attend. Las Vegas would be my first choice. Perhaps before of after the 4th of July? I'm not concerned about which casino just as long as we can have enough seats. Looking forward to seeing you all again. Al
  4. Anyone else going to be in Vegas this weekend please join us at the Aria on Friday night, Saturday (probably all day/night), and Sunday. Just respond to this message with time and date and we'll meet you there. Hope to see you there. hawaiianal, Al
  5. Randi, Yes, we both will be there this weekend. We're staying at the Aria and playing there as well as other casinos. Joing us. Al
  6. Fellow members, Way2fast and myself will be in Las Vegas from 1/06/2012 thru 1/09/2012 to play NOR. We invite anyone else in the area to join us. hawaiianal
  7. Aloha Keith, After attending the last seminar in Las Vegas, I may consider this one as well. But on another note, when will video of the NOR and Zero Proximity BJ from the Las Vegas Seminar be available? Thanks to you and Ellis for taking the time to share the years of knowledge. hawaiianal
  8. Ellis, When will video be available for both seminars held on the 10th and 11th? I couldn't make it for the sunday zero proximity bj but I do want a copy of that video. hawaiianal
  9. John, We had a great run at the Aria for the moment. I'm looking at returning to Vegas on the 6th through the 9th, let me know if that fits your schedule. Al
  10. Ellis, I sat through that shoe with you at Luxor and it was very tough. Like fellow member, way2fast mentioned, we had a great shoe at the Aria starting out in F then moving to OTB4L. I'll be back in Las Vegas on the 6th of January to meet up with way2fast for an encore. Thanks for all the fine points that both you and Keith covered on Saturday. hawaiianal
  11. Ellis, I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting all the members. Just got back from Las Vegas this morning... didn't have a chance to play Bac but I did have a good run on the craps table. See you in December. Al
  12. Ellis, I'll be in Las Vegas from the 21st of June thru the 23rd. If you're planning another trip to any casino in July I'd be interested in meeting with you and Keith - I just need a couple days notice. Thanks again for all you've done for this forum. Al
  13. KS, I'm another one from that class of 2008. I'm heading to Las Vegas on the 21st June to apply the same techniques you shared. I've been practicing at home for the past 3/4 months and I'm ready to make my return. It's been a long time since I last played in Vegas, (foolishly of course) but NOT anymore. Got the tools to do some major reconstruction. Where do you play? Good luck to you and all from the class of 2008.... Aloha, Al ps: Happy Birthday Ellis - Me Ke Aloha Pumehana
  14. Don, From my experience with the 3 NOR Systems, practicing at home for the past 4 months, they each have unique qualities that I'm about to put to real time play in a couple of weeks. As I mentioned in my previous post to Ellis, being a Bac Player for some years, I had only one way playing Bac. When the conditions were right in any shoe that ONLY system I used made a ton of money but more and more over the years I've seen the changes like Ellis mentioned and I've had to take a break (over 2 years) to find alternatives to getting back to winning again - that alternatives are the 3 NOR Systems. Good luck to you. Al
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