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  1. Ellis, What's the percentage of win rate with this strategy for both BJ and Baccarat?
  2. Ellis, Can you please explain the possible starts at play 5 for s40 and otbl? I'm confused between the two because I read one of your posts stating just having a 2 confirmed in the 1st 4 would signal OT but here it shows if you have 2 1s confirmed or 112 or 211 or 121 it's s40.
  3. That is routed to your computer and not linked to a website where that picture is hosted Tang.
  4. @Tang It's under the quick reply where it has a small picture of a tree next to the earth and film strip.
  5. Ellis, For a game start with sys 40, do you think it's best to wait it out until you see an LC between the 2s, 3s, and 4s? Or do you like to start off the bat?
  6. Ellis, Even with the regular version, if 3's are now high do you bet 1,2,3 or do you go 1,2, then a 1 bet then if that loses then OTR? I'm just trying to see if you're playing the regular version if you have your opposites bet up to a 3 hi or not.
  7. Ellis, When playing the regular version of System 40, let's say you get to a 3 or more bet and win it, do you go back to 1? Or do you go D1 or D2?
  8. Gablaw, I spoke with the live casino managers and they told me since there's so many people playing there from all over the world that their bandwidth gets eaten up from players playing fun and real play. Probably mainly from the FUN players. So if you don't post a bet down w/in 5 hands or so then you get kicked out to make space for a playing player.
  9. Niz

    My e mail address is agprudhomme@gmail.com

    This is Max and I live in Temecula. Real name Art.

    Let's try to meet at a casino and talk about BTC and Maverick.



  10. TomM you can do it on the site page. You have to sign in and go into your preferences I believe and change it there. Even if they ask you for the password(whomever is on the phone) they can still see what it is as it is on their computer screens.
  11. Looks like tables 3/4 are going to be down for the next few days...
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