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  1. Yes mtman I used 1, 2 negative prog. It means that I bet 1 unit until I loose, then I bet 2 units. Win or loose I return to 1 unit bet. Its safe but on the other hand it is not so productive. Kostas
  2. Hi mtman According to my tracking, hand # 19 indicates B on the next hand and we loose, hand # 21 same and we loose again, hand# 23 all count indicate B the next hand and we win, hand# 27 all counts indicate P and we win the next hand, hand # 28 all counts indicate B for the next hand and we loose, hand # 30 all counts indicate B and we win the next hand, hand # 31 the same, hand # 36 the counts are 4, -3, 0, 1 so the first 2 counts indicate P and the last 2 B so no bet on the next hand, hand # 42 three counts indicate P and one B and we win on the next hand. If you play UiD2 prog the score is much higher. I played your shoe with 1, 2 prog
  3. Hi mtman First it was a good idea to move 5d to the private. I played your shoe with 4d and it was very good. The score is +17 with the highest +19. Can you tell me were is the trouble in order to compare with my results? Thanks Kostas
  4. You can go to the following links: http://www.beatthecasino.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5783 http://www.beatthecasino.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6002
  5. Ark with simply RD1 prog 123 PB after the lose of the prog until a win, you get +18.
  6. Ellis just a question: if you encounter a TT run you loose every bet right?and medium to long runs of TT are very often.
  7. tjfiles I think at play #8 the 1 bet should be straight down not across and straight from #10 to #15.
  8. I don't think that in High count stop betting is a good idea. On the other hand you bet the Lo spread on the same time which gives you the possibility to compensate the loses from the High count( I am talking about flat betting). Also the high + or - in a certain count does not remains for ever high in this particular count( in your example maybe the O/R count is getting high in + more than the O/T, I don't know). So my humble opinion is nothing to change, and see tests how is going. Kostas
  9. Glen for me it works good up to now. I am trying to include in my mode of play some thoughts from Kevin's and your approach
  10. Thanks Glen to share your approach with us. I was also experimenting something more simple in 4D. As you said I like the mechanical way of 4D. I see if I can include your thoughts in my way of seeing 4D. I was thinking to go with the trend whenever this possibility comes up. How? I am tracking the 4 counts and I am focus on the last 3 values. If I see for example +3, +4, +5 in the OT/TB count there is a tendency to OT so my next bet will be on OT. If I am in a minus count lets say -7,- 6,-5 I am going to bet again OT despite the fact that I am in - count and normally I have to bet on TB. If I have -2,-1,-2 I am not betting at all. It should be 3 different numbers. If you have 2 count that indicates opposite bets I stop. If I have 2 counts that indicates the same side I will double my units.THIS IS ONLY MY TRAIL PLAY AND I DON'T RECOMMEND TO ANYONE FOR LIVE PLAY BEFORE EXTENSIVE TESTS. The key word for me is tedency, direction or whatever you name it. Ellis? Kostas
  11. It is simple and all simple ideas are very good ideas. It sound to me that it is similar to what Ellis mentioned when you play the OTR bet U1D1in modes 2/3 in the NOR approach. Anyway it is very relaxing to play like this, specially after a 4D session. Good job kachatz1
  12. Because I have done many mistakes regardind application of OTB I never start OTB blind( unless previous shoe records, but even so I am waiting to see at least a 2iar). Regarding the current shoe I would start with OTB after seeing a 2iar or a 1,2,1 or 2,3 etc. So for the above shoe I would start at play #9 OTB M3 without changing to F. K
  13. Hi gman72 No I started with S40 M3. If i don't have other records my initial default mode is M3 on either S40 and OTB BR K
  14. Hi Bacplayer a)Yes to pass over the -8 is very dangerous and Ellis has pointed out. My personal stoploss is -10( thats why i have proceeded and certainly not because of your shoe) b)I think this is inside the rules that tells you if you win the 1st OTR go with one more if I am correct BR K
  15. Thanks Ellis some times Cardinal sins are deadly sins but just for me some times to quit the shoe at -10 instead of -8 is not a big deal. Thanks any way. K
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