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Just try BetPhoenix.com. They'll hook you up. Even send your winning to you on the back of a burro out of a Mexico City Bank if you want to play high stakes. I am still in the checking out mode but have won but not tryed to cash out yet. Moneygram works well. They clear it almost immediately. BP is the only place that excepts USA bettors. They just don't care about flounting USA online law now. They are a huge outfit that employs a small village of people. They cater to mostly USA sports bettors but are getting in and cashing in on the Live Dealer games now. It's pretty neat. You can hop 3 tables if you start with dimes but I am still betting nickles on the 1 nickel table. You will need a good high speed connection most likely. I lot of content on the page. Check it out.

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Just had my son over and had the dime game going on in the background. Was super trendy playing off the top. I think there were four 6's and some other smaller repeat runs. Also had a 9ops (correctly counted 10 ops I guess.. My son was saying why not and I was thinking the same thing but sucking on a beer...so no go tonight. IF I can get my son taught proper I would just as soon give him the wheel and play off his hand. Better yet get Ellis addicted and figure a way to play off his hand. Can you imagine the forum working its way up to the $2000.00 minimum table and all of us betting the same on each hand until we all got ejected. Would make a good final chapter in his book! The only problem now is BP is the only live dealer casino that takes action on USA players. So if you get tossed your screwed for a while.

I don't think it is a problem getting paid. If you Google BP you will see for yourself it survives mostly on the back of USA sports bettors. The sports bet forums are unlike here. Some read like a bunch of drunk sailors at the local watering hole. Some of those guys are betting big and have no problem getting paid off on there wins. The only hang for them is to get tagged by a Book as a Professional handicapper and really hitting a lot at the same book, then they could pull the "this site is for recreational gamblers line". The prevailing thought on these forums is BP is a solid company and is not about to cut and run. However, there are many offshore sports books so if they are hassled they can just pick up and take there business to another island in the stream. In the USA not the same unfortunately. Only one waterhole for the time being. The live games are a relatively new thing for them but check it out. I have been trying too figure out any angle they could use to cheat at but can’t figure anything amiss. So far my winning games out number losing. I have played quite a few shoes now in fun mode and transfer to money mode and pluck a few units and so forth. When tired or overplaying I tend to give back. I am starting with nickels only and hope to move to dimes and so on in only the one deposit. I have a tendency to over-play so I am setting some ground rules now etc.

I would wade in slowly on a small deposit and stick with nickels and get used to the format. It is little awkward for me being used to Dublinbet. You have to rebet after every hand including ties and reselect chip denomination etc. which is a little cumbersome but you can make a case that this is for the safety of the customer. It is quite safe in that respect and they give you enough time to make a decision and bet IMHO.

When it comes to casinos, brick and mortar or online my mantra is “trust but verify”.

P.S I wonder what the marketing plan is for the $2000.00 min $10,000 max table. Is that to keep the $1000.00 flat betting riff -raff at bay? I can’t figure that one out. Goes in the category of $15.00 minimum blackjack tables to me. I never could get my head around that one.

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Anyboy else on the nickel game at BP right now. That is the game where the feed froze and the dealer is placing the duesce on the Player hand. It started and hour ago but I think at this moment the feed is still frozen. This does not happen that often but they made a ISP switch recently and occasionally they are overwhelmed. This is a good shoe but I just logged on and was in fun mode and it showed streak 3'LC and just power through them with 1's secondary L/C and got +19 at play #40 and it loods to me like this shoe is going to crap out now or dump the 1's......Back to the game.. if the feed is ever restored!!!

P.S. I just noticed the $100.00 chips are actually dark brown and the $500.00 chip are black.

Oh Well I guess I wiill never know. It appears there have internet problems. These are pretty infrequent there but happen occasionally now that they are sharing a line with all the other outfits in Costa Rica. They take a break every night at midnight EST but give you five minutes advanced warning that this will happen every time. So far I have never noticed any shoe changes...anything looking different when they come back and the game usually resumes where you may anticipate it.

Oh well guess I'll go check out BOC for a bit.

2nd P.S. I started this one my normal there SKOR/Z (single zero) then use KS and look to power through the streak if the first column looks good. in this one there were 3 linked 2's in the middle of the first column but as I am learning there you can reliably dump the SAP 2's into the next column and just power through betting for the repeats usually even when the 3's start kicking in. But if the 3's are really coming than adapt but I find that in these confirmed streaky with good balance you can usually forget the 3's and just go for the 4 or more bets with pretty good success. Also look for the next shoe to be crap or sometimes you can get a couple easy trendy shoes in a row and then some crap. Usually not more than two good ones in a row at night Costa Rica time.

3rd P.S. Just checked out Laura dealing over at BOC but there having connection trouble also. I guess it is a Costa Rican thing tonight! Too bad because Laura really melts my butter. Oh Well jump the pond and hope a guy isn't dealing in Dublin. Wee hours of the morning there. Maybe I can catch them napping and snag a few chips.

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Off the wall stuff/ more off the wall stuff
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Betphoenix is down for many hours tonight. Live chat doesn't know when they will be back up.

Checked out BOC and KLZ dealing BJ and I was getting a fair read but pushing 20' and 21's and 19's alot. She finally out draw me for a bunch of chips. I decided to can that and move to baccarat and tried playing without a card half awake and she continued to clean me out there. LOL

Thank God for funny money!!!! OK now it's definately time for a nightcap. :beerchug:

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Still moving grannies crap and dropped into BPH and Melissa and Viviana are working the nickel table in the New Version that is actually the $2000.00min table.

Melissa is looking particularly scrumdidilyious today. Looks look she and a couple other dealers have colds. Maybe after get granny settled in take a trip to Costa Rica

with a case of Vicks Vapo Rub for some good foriegn relations.

How about someone with some real time on there hands start a BPh beauty contest?

I think maybe Melissa would top my list but I am really torn between her and a couple others. Somebody help me decide.

Gotta go grannies cracking the whip.

P.S. I almost forgot two of my favs...Carolina...and Daza from Gaza is intriguing to but Carolina must of lost weight or something she’s always messing with her straps and zipper. I wonder if she would be interested in baccarat lessons?

I gotta go check in, Maureen just did a real through shuffle like tightly woven and exacting. On the other hand earlier Mellisa must of had her nails done at lunchtime

when she came back she was fussy about drying nail polish or something and barely got the cards interleaved... Chunky shuffle. The shoes are still much better during the day IMO but I usually end up playing at night. Night games still highly volatile but good sometimes for U2SAP for the long runs or nutcase like me looking to FIB something. But watch out at night ... a lot of high risk shoes but worth a try maybe.... then some major crap you have to step over at times.

I think I am leaving out another possible contender for beauty queen but can't remember her name now....think I got Carolina on my mind...Oh well back to the salt mines!

Oh yeah, The windows 7 magnification thingy goes up to 400%. I just found that out a minute ago. Comes in handy sometimes.

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beauty contest update Carolina and Daza entries
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Hey Guys,

Just checked into BPh nickels and have it playing on another window. Game is: go-nowwher-fast so thought it ironic to have these two sites up at once. Who cares Miry( new to me ) was dealing with larry KIng's wrinkeled face in the background.... no contest who to watch. Miry was hand modeling monkeys too many hands I thought I had pat. Just another Bph night game. I'm still holding my own even 2 sheets two the wind. Another wacky looking grave shoe that is so funny to watch with the delay to already know you won or lost before the cards hit the table.

First time I've seen the Pit (off camera dud) have to hand the dealer a replacement 3 card that I guess refused to scan any longer. Does anybody know when they change cards ? They must stagger the card change or just keep dealing until the code wears off. Anyway still don't see any thing too fishy even if this studio format baccart still is a little new to me. All in all I like it.

Well maybe one more attempt to harass BOC tonight before I flake. They were having there feed problems earlier agiain. They need to get some more high speed Servers down Costa Rica way so we can make some chips while getting a babeolicious fix every session.

What's next on the net ..naked baccarat ala naked news ? Thank God Bush+Cheney twins finally got thrown out of office or wouldn' t have a prayer of USA live anything for how long who knows.

Almost tiime to sleep before......and this reply box just started freaking out the little cursor thing wouldn't stay put...What's the deal on that ? Other than a couple glitches in reply boy it would seem a nice facelift for the forum.

Is anybody without the Windows 7 magnifing thingy SOL trying to make out what they are typing here?

P.S. Personally I'm alll for naked baccarat...can't push the envelope to far to suit me. Besides what would the brick and mortor joints do to keep up?

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Some off the wall observations and questions
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Forgot what I wrote last night or this morning or whatever. I was Trying too talk BOC into letting in USA players in for real action. Next time I'm over that way will ask the ex-Veutec CEO guy if he is walking the floor. All I can do is pester the guy to death. I'm getting the dealers on my side toking all my funny money. Would be a shame to actually have to shut up and play the game though.

I'm going too ask the pit there some of the wall stuff...like will they track my funny money play for all expense trip to Costa Rica to check out the whole enchiilada.

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  • 3 months later...

I kind of hate to dredge up this old thread but has there been any concensus on Bet Phoenix as to whether it is THE place to play for real money?

My "account representative" has called several times and I probably should drop a C note or two in there and start playing the live money tables as Maverick is doing quite well played over there for fun.

I've got a nice "cache of cash" sitting on the shelf compliments of the Hard Rock casino, and putting a bit of it into BPH shouldn't cause any real grief if they turn out to be the error of the month.

I think NBAProcapper says he uses them a lot with no problems for payouts as does Mreteuya and John1234 I think.

So, any hassles or problems to watch out for? I probably won't take the bonus plans as it does interfere with payouts.


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Multiple spelling errors
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No problemo here. I hav'nt ask for a cash out yet though. I have heard of nobody on the net getting stiffed by these folks and it beats the hell out of smoking a pack of cigerattes per session at many B&M joints.

I would just start with 2 or 3 hundred and play nickles and then get to dimes on their money and usually have 3 tables to chose from.

It took me a while to get used to their format with having to rebet after every hand and tie but I was just to used to practicing at Dublinbet. I like to leave the sound on level 1 just enough so that I can hear the bet clock ticking down. Then if I don't hear the winning jingle I know I lost or it was a tie. I still forget to rebet sometimes after a tie when I am real tired, but I play easy nickel games watching TV a lot but turn it off for dimes and occasional green.

I still tend to overplay my personal limitations online because it is so convenient. I find it best now when I am done with a session to turn it off, bcause when you are dead tired you tend to see the best shoe ever dealt and enter it just as it goes downhill. Hell, I've done that plenty in B&M joints too,so nothing new there.

I find you have to create a whole new set of rules for online play because the shoes are just a mouse click away 24/7.

Good luck and watch out for good exploit opportunities there. I wish I knew if more of these online casinos that use these big cards have a harder time producing consistant results I am just not familiar with the over-sized cards. Bph deals the most volitale shoes of anyplace I have ever seen online or B&M.

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Guest NBAProCapper

Audionut 3 is the max they will let you buy pretty standard 3 pts with most books.

If you want my honest opinion, YOU"D BE CRAZY TO EVER BUY MORE THEN HALF A POINT IN THE NBA ESPCAILLY ON A FLAT LINE. (flat line being a spread with no hook)

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Thanks, ProCapper... But I went to Betphoenix and all I could see in their rules or FAQ's was being able to buy "Action Points", not the same as buying 3 points on the spread... I did an online chat with Nicole asking the same question but she just referred me to the "action points" page... Action points are (I guess) being able to PREDICT an exact score, and then getting paid for each point above the score or LOSING money for each point below.... I just want to be able to, say, if the spread is -5 for a team, buy 3 points and make the spread -2... I know betjamaica offers buying 3 points but I was hoping to find an HONEST online sportsbook that also offered LIVE baccarat...the best of both worlds ;)

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Guest NBAProCapper

Yeah audionut im almost 100% certain you buy up to 3 points. If you haven't learnt by now CS folks at sportsbooks casinos and poker rroms usually never know what they are talking about.

Here is what my account manager told me. I asked for you

the first and second 1/2 point 10 cents

the 2,3,4,5 half point cost 15 cents

and the 6 half point cost 20cents

plus the juice

If you want shoot me a pm i can give you some more information on other books there is alot to choose from, if your not from US i wouldnt recommend betphoenix as your first option. I just recommend it on here because most of you are baccarat players and they are legit as far as payouts for a live baccarat casino.

Now a question for you audionut

do you always buy pts when you bet nba?

Do you keep track of all your plays? Whats your record like over this season on games strictly when you buy pts.

Thats all for now : p

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ProCapper, thank you much for your efforts in getting to the bottom of this... I really do appreciate it.

My reason for buying the points is because I follow John Morrison's system. As you (probably) know, he bets a 3 game series (you will win 1 of the 3 games) and has been UNDEFEATED for years on end... I don't keep the records since I have not actually placed money bets but have been monitoring this guy for several years.

Checking a saved e-mail from Dec of last year, he was 27-0 on the NBA. He has yet to lose a series this year. As I mentioned, he literally goes YEARS without a loss... One of the requirements for his system on the NBA is that you buy 3 points... thats what makes it tough to actually implement, since the Vegas books don't allow you to buy 3 points!! arrrgghhh!!!!

Thank you again for checking this out...

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hi audi i myself used jm he lies alot the seystem loses he does not aknowledge the fact ,and he changed the rule becuase of that you have to moneyline abet whent he team is favorite which is crazy sometimes your - 270 i have an account with sportsbetting professer his name is rich allen he gives 3 game chase but each chase is a diffrent team and if u lose a c bet you only lose 7 units copared to jm , and you dont have to buy points,plus he gives you added games you can bet all if them instead of progression ,hes doing grate on that 72% win rate in striaght action thata awsome

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Guest NBAProCapper

audionut, Youd be crazy to use his system. As far as i know, you mean by series you mean trip (home trip 3 games or road trip 3 games) I always thought his system was ML bets like steve said but he could have changed it to buying 3 pts. Also as far as i know he bets heavy heavy favorites and only favorites. say your betting -550 fav's (which is not even that heavy in NBA) he would have to go 10-1 for there to be a profit. going anything worse then that you would be losing money.

To further clarify there are times in the season where Lakers dallas denver, utah phoenix have lost 3 in a row. This would almost cripple your bankroll if you following his system playing his games On the ML. Buying three pts when these teams are favorite. with a $5,000 bankroll betting $100 a game i guarantee you would be broke over the course of the season.

I've been betting Nba for over 5 years and can tell you that most systems they sell out there for NBA simply are scams and do not work out as advertised.

Im offering my service and guaranteeing 50 units of profit over the playoffs or i am paying my customers the subscription back $+75

I would not be doing this if i was not absolutely confident that i will win.

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Thanks for the comments, guys.

I'll make the deposit later tonight after this evening's practice sessions.


Well, the long awaited check from my other sportsbook finally arrived so I made the deposit at Bet Phoenix based mainly on the comments here and in another forum about their payouts and play. I did watch the games there for a week or so and gleaned some full shoes to add to the testing pile.

The bottom line for today's first test run of live play with money?

An easy test shoe that came out +10 with no problems. Just 14 hands and we made today's target.

I entered mid-shoe (Hand 33) in what appeared to be a nice, streaky shoe. It was.

As usual, I'll 'test' in my own detailed way for another 9 shoes or so before moving "up" again.

My thanks go out to all who gave reports of BPH in earlier messages. I'm kind of getting used to those clown sized cards now though.

MVS (and no cigarette smoke too!!)

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Does anybody know why the 5 dollar BP table is not working????? I have been waiting for hours. All of the other tables have been working.

Well John for a while last night late only 1 table was going and then they got the nickel table going a little after midnight EST but they were sifting through the cards face down like they were doing a wash and I watched that action for a while on the nickel table and was thinking maybe they are adding a wash to the thing. She was so slow doing whatever she was doing with the cards that I thought maybe they were new or she was looking for damage and such before firing up the thing but I got tired of waiting so played a partial shoe on T-1 and nothing stunning there so went back and she was looking like she was getting to the end inspecting the cards or washing or whatever so I went back to T-1 and the dealer there was starting that procedure with the cards on her table so I went back to T-4 and she was putting the cards in the shoe sometime after midnight and I played for awhile.

I have never see any new card procedure there (if that was what was going on) before so I wasn't sure what was up. Anyway I thought the cards were a little more OTB4L favorable after the procedure somewhere a little after midnight EST. so a little after 11:00 pm jungle time. I thought the early shoes were a little tougher and got gradually better after 3 shoes or so. I was trying my best to play the Maverick while fumbling around trying to figure out the easiest way to mark the circles TB4L or OTB4L with my pen and came up with a couple ways that made sense to me a few hours ago. I'll look at my cards later to see if I can figure out any of my scribbling later today.

I think all the table are up and running now, or 3 tables or something. Have fun.

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I was thinking the same thing about the dealer. It took her a long time to do the shuffle and it seemed like she was new at it. It took awhile to get the shoe started too. I found the cards to be OTB4L favorable too. I played ADOT and started in OTB4L and I won about 11 of my first 9 bets all in OTB4L.

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Last shoe on the nickel table went 95 hands and 15 ties. Looks like better gear up for 10 deck or something. I got tired of watching but she was shuffling when I went to the kitchen and when I came back she was washing 1/2 the shoe. I didn't see if she washed both sections.

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