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can someone tell me where I can find the rd1 manual,or if there is not one, in a simple way explain the system to me?

just read,study system 40, but dont have the rd1 system.



(Quote - MVS) Call me crazy but I would think taking a look at messages #1 and #2 in the thread appropriately titled "RD1 Manuals & Examples" just might get me headed in the right direction. I'd post up the link but it's late for me and didn't want to chase it down.

It's right above THIS particular thread when you go to the title index!


Right, plus the new F2 rules are posted in the 40A thread. We will have a new 40 A Manual thread soon that will repeat the rules of all component systems.

Guys, to keep it simple I'm thinking in terms of splitting the 40A manual in two with 40A including only 40 and F2.

Then a 40 AA section that adds RD1 and OTB4L.I'm also thinking of updating OTB4L to play it just like 40, using SAP to determine when to go OTR both on straight runs and on ZZ runs. We have that technology now so we might as well use it.

I'm also planning to add 2s culprit to OTB4L. ie., when 2's are LC you would go OTR after a WINNING bet on the 2nd circle of a 2. You could conceivably hit EVERY circle in a run that way, including the first circle.

This is the kind of thinking that needs to precede a quality manual. We want 40A to be the very best way Baccarat can be played.

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