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a conservative progression similar to U1D2 but different...

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I downloaded an interesting document which shows a progression similar to U1D2 but with a neat twist...

It is NOT copyrighted..

Keith or Ellis, would you mind if I attach the pdf file here? The system was originally for roulette but I think would work even better with baccarat...

If you would prefer that I not post it I understand....:smile:

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It's funny but when I first read it, I was a bit skeptical but then applied it to some actual shoes that I had a tough time on, and it seemed to work rather well. Turned larger profits on shoes I didn't score very high on. Of course for the most part, I when playing the shoes originally I either stopped betting because I wasn't sure about making the next bet but paper bet it so I know what the next play was going to be, or there were times I cut my progression back, however with this method on paper I just plowed right through and kept the progressions going as the rules state and it worked out very well. Now whether I could keep the progressions high where I stopped betting before becomes another question. Easy doing on paper but putting down the large number of units is another. Key is, do this on actual shoes you've done, hopefully covering your worst loss ration, and see how it turns out. But I found the results rather interesting. Thanks for sharing audionut.

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Actually in thinking about this a little more, probably the more conservative way to play this would be doing U1D2 but whenver making that down 2 bet, don't make it any larger than you need in order to make a 1 unit profit. As an example, with the "sure method", let's say you have been having a tough time and made a 6 unit bet. The next sequence is 7 units. If you were still down by 8 units after winning the 6 bet, your next bet with the sure method would be 7 units. However, with u1d2, if you won a 6 unit bet, your next bet would be 4 instead of 7. I realize you wouldn't be digging yourself out of a hole as fast, but more importantly you wouldn't be digging yourself into a larger hole much faster. Double edged sword, but I'm a bit more conservative and would be nervous going up 1 unit after winning a 6 unit bet. I would feel a bit relieved going down to a 4 unit bet even though it wouldn't be digging me completely out of the hole. You have to be comfortable making your bet and that's what sometimes comes back to bite me because I either skip a bet or cut the unit back to 1 instead of 3 or 4. So for me, I'd use the up1d2 but let the down 2 be no larger than what's needed to get me to that +1 unit in the progression.

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