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How will you play these shoes

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Hiii jerry,

I played ur shoe

I got +3units. I started play at hand 10, stopped at hand 24. Max drawdown only -1 unit.

Well thanks Core but here's the thing: When you take a losing shoe and play it ANY other way you nearly always win.

Like Keith said, both of us would have known to simply bet a 123 prog on repeats in this shoe. If you play it that way from play 3 it goes clear up to +30 with a high bet of only 3 and a worst position of +1. If you advance to the 345 prog as both Keith and I would have done it goes clear up to +58 and ends at +55.

When a shoe is THAT biased, you drop everything and simply play the bias. In a real casino I'm sure the prior shoes would also be streaky. Shoes THAT streaky don't come out of thin air. The OR count went to -14 for crying out loud. So simply betting Repeats you win 14 more bets than you lose.

Now at Genting I don't know if I could have used the prior shoe information or not because I STILL don't know if they use new cards every shoe.

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Hi Ellis,

Regarding the first shoe NOR4.

Your suggestion is extremely important to me and other members. Can you tell me which play number I should start with OTB4L? and which play number I should switch to F?

Thank you again for the support.

Take care,



Well first, here is the shoe again you are referring to



Now, recognize that you have taken this shoe out of context so I have no prior shoes to go on. I would not normally put myself in this position.

But knowing only what I know, I would very likely start at play 4 with a 1 bet on B starting with OTB4L M2 because only a confirmed 4 in a row could hurt me which is highly unlikely because we see a confirmed 4 only once every 32 plays.

However OTB4L struggles almost from the start so I'm looking to change.

At play 9 I see that there are twice as may Ps as Bs and B has produced nothing but 1's so far. That is as perfect an F situation as it gets. So I'm going to start F3 at play 10 with a 1 bet on P. F3 because there is already a confirmed 2 and F3 is stronger in chop than F2. So I'm really betting that Bank can't produce a 3 given how weak it has been thus far. I'm still a little nervous because the shoe is so choppy thus far but the 4 is going to give me a little more confidence. I'm definitely hoping the 4 goes to 5 and OR count continues going down. But this is a shoe where at this point I'm keeping one foot on the floor ready to run.

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