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Some questions on SAP plays

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Hi there,

2 shoes which I played in Singapore RWS today.



Took win at 4 units using SAP

Didn't record it in full

Perfect shoes for s40 in my opinion,




Didn't record the whole shoe as well

Played for a while using SAP

Cut loss at -3 once hit with a chain of opposites.

Waited for a while to see what the shoe is doing, and confirmed that is getting streaky.

This is the kind of shoe where I always encounter. And it is quite common.

I will try my best to search for NOR biase shoes and play SAP.

1 question,

I seen a shoe like this today. Never played just recorded .





Perfect TBL shoe,

If i were to play SAP, as 2s is 0

Do I just bet all 1s will stay 1s., and all 3s will go OTR till I lose.

I think this shoe will win a lot of units just by playing SAP.

And this shoe is very very rare, I seldom sees it, more often than not, when I see it , the shoe is about to end.

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Hi Drumman,

my opinions:

you are right in that the first shoe is perfect s40 shoe m3

nor is the best way to play strong bias - if sap show strong bias then use it to select the right nor system and if your hit rate is good then go for it.

you can play sap as a system by itself but why when nor can win better for strong bias

Second shoe start out like otbl but then has some streaks and chops to confuse you.

otbl will get thru this best I think but go otr for streaks and chops then go back to otbl

this shoe type is common in Australia

this shoe has mdb+ bets as sap count is quite even so rsap can work

last one tbl is good as low 2's - 1's stay 1 and 2's go 2+

looks like Singapore mix up their shoes a lot. maybe that's what their secret is.

You need experience , practise and the tools to beat them I feel.

Maybe not easy for newcomers to go out and beat them straight away

be patient and lower your win goal as u did

remember what oz says: its a 50/50 game so flat bet you only need a little better than 50% to win

casinos survive from people who chase their losses

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