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You must be aware of the fact that you'll never win at high rates forever. In a 50% game, if you are smart enough, you can get 60/70% max but losses will come, whatever you do. Checking the WL patterns and the variance you can realize that you won too much from your avg, so you can reasonablynexpect losses. In this case you must play tight till the avg is re-established. Do the opposite when you expect Ws.

IMO, running these waves, you get a real edge in gambling.


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I remember that some of the local blackjack players that normally played at higher limits would play a session or 2 at lower limits after a significant winning streak, apparently to get their w/l ratio(s) back into sync. I don't know for a fact how this worked out.

Maybe the "odds" don't care what colour chips you are playing.

In my case, I am already playing lower limits so I will go with the advice in this thread regarding w/l ratio's.

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An imaginary bet doesn't cost you anything but it can gain you a great advantage over the casino if you use them.

The only way a casino can stop you making imaginary bets is to force one to bet every hand and not allow outside bets.

Imaginary bets have been described by pro gamblers as the equivalent of card counting in blackjack (of course if you follow

NBJ then card counting is a complete fallacy but the general public certainly believe card counting give blackjack players an advantage so the comparism makes sense)

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