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Up as you win 221 Baccarat for pro players

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Thats pretty good mate. I dont know a lot about craps but apparently there are some bets real close to 50/50 if you know them. We had 1 table here for a while but they closed it down. Good on keith for bringing up the up as u win discussion because its really just as valid as up as u lose. I played around with the 111224488 for a while too. In theory you think it would be easy to get a double win within the series. But towards the end uts a big risk for little reward. Frank Barstow says in his book that the thing with series is you will make most of your $ towards the start and towards the end you are dramatically increasing your risk with little reward. You just backed up that with what you said. Progressions aside though bet selection is king.

Yes, Frank Barstow book "BEAT THE CASINO" is an excellent book to read (copyright 1979) and published in 1984.

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What I am trying to get folks to see its not so much the staking line strategy but that NOR works with an up as you win strategy which I am trying to tweak. I just used this as a starting point as it did work well for me on Roulette.

You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

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Got it keith and what you are saying is you believe when using nor bet selection the wins are likely to come in succession rather than wlwlwl. This is smart to match mm to the w/l ratio as up as u lose is great for wlwlwl but up as u win is better for wins in succession. This is a good concept rather than just choosing up as u lose all the time.

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