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1 hour ago, Keith Smith said:

I wanted to open us this thread as I sat down at the Blackjack Table at Southpoint the other day.  It was a two deck game hand shuffled with 6 spots. Of course I played a few hands and after watching the shuffle realized why the game was almost impossible to beat, every player would get a stiff hand against a dealer 10 up and hit and bust. The shuffle was a strip shuffle where they reverse the order of the cards ( magicians call this way to shuffle the Blackjack cheating shuffle) and they rippled the cards only two time!!! Could you image a game that you are playing, any game a game where you only shuffle the cards two times and then deal again!   I made mention of it only to have the comment ignored by the dealer.

The lure of a two deck game, but unsuspecting player don't realize the cards are not shuffled to a random condition thereby preserving the dealer bias and setting up break card clumping. How anyone can argue that this is not what is going on is beyond me.  Could you imaging playing a poker game doing a two ripple hand shuffle twice and then dealing the cards Goodness sake!.  Don't play this whacked out game there. 

Keith could this game be beaten by not hitting on anything above a card total of 12 and making the dealer bust?

I am curious Keith if playing that way is still in the casinos favor, at least this way maybe you might have a better chance of winning.

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