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Love playing OTBL-TBL seems to win a lot of shoes. In your opinion what is the best progression? Also having problems switching sometimes. Use 3 repeats to switch to TBL from OTBL seems OK. Using confirmed  2iar to switch back to OTBL ( 1 single ) which works good and then switch back to TBL on 2 singles. Sometimes it works great other times I GET DESTROYED. Same difference if I wait to switch back to TBL on 3 singles.  I do not count the last repeat as a first 2 or 3 iar. Is there a point in there where it may be better to just bet  0 and wait

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Have you tried and UP1 DOWN1 progression.

Start betting after the 2nd decision and keep switching between TBL/OTBL after 1 loss and continue this thru the whole shoe.

As long as you are winning keep betting until you have 1 loss and then switch to the other side.


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The hardest rule in the book is to " do nothing" ( when in doubt, wait it out)

It could take you many, many years and $$ to figure this  out...In fact, it could literally " kill you" 

     Until/ unless you act more like a Snickers candy-bar lover who suddenly converts to a Peppermint fanatic.

( at first, you go into chocolate withdrawal...and then?)

Read deeper into Stop-Loss remedies...




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kachatz is right its the bets you don't make which can make all the difference

Very easy to get roped into a bet every hand scenario - exactly what the casino's love

Very hard especially after a few losses that the best thing to do is to sit back and wait

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