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7 hours ago, way2fast said:

His norm is to loose during "seminar" play, with the excuse of how he had to play a certain way for the benefit of the students instead of the way he knew he would win.  Then he always has a "miraculous" recovery that no one (except Carlos sometimes) managed to witness.  If it wasn't so sad and pathetic it would be funny.

Have never played there.  Frankly, it would LOW on my list of places to play as Placerville is in the middle of nowhere, and I would be very suspect of these minor-league casino's that sweat even low stakes play.

Here is an interesting story Kimo Li (roulette guru) told me:

Back quite a few years ago I played at a small casino with only 1 roulette table

I played a couple of spins and picked a sector that looked like repeating

I was playing with 0.2 chips and I hit a number straight up - I had 16 chips on it

My payout was $112

The guy closed the table and said that's it!

I said what do you mean that's it?

He said I own this table therefore I am the bank. This is a small community casino with license. We all own the individual games and you just won more than I have made recently so I cant afford to keep the table open !!

Then he asked me: do you want to rent the roulette table off me and run it???!

I said what the hell and walked out 

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10 hours ago, brad01 said:

From a business point of view its actually very smart

And everyone who's been in business knows that the guys who are absolutely brutal and can take peoples money with no conscience even if it means misleading them make the most money in that particular industry

The business we are talking about is selling systems not casino trading or casino playing like we do here

The business model:

Make up a strategy that tracks certain variables and trends and make up a story as to why the casinos are vulnerable to these

Yep, that's it use variables that have no statistical significance to the outcome of the hand call it gospel and sell. The need to want to believe it to be true.  





You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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thanks, ozzi/Brad for your analysis of the Real-time shoe, I will so thru them and like the rationale behind each play I note that you don't play every play & playing it safe instead. W2F are you suggesting I avoid playing at RED hawk? WHY? I figured with the many BTC members here,(over the years of operation) at least there must be a BTC PRO baccarat player lurking around the corner.It maybe at the middle of NOWHERE but the place is jam-packed during the weekends. 

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I thing I know what W2F is talking about.

Coming from the West Coast of Australia you would be surprised but we actually have a pretty good casino

West Australia has 2 things going for it:

It has a massive amount of natural resources - Gas, Iron Ore, Gold and so on so the economy is usually pretty good with a lot of fly in / fly out workers on big salaries and after working a hard 2 - 4 weeks on the mines they are bored and don't mind going to the casino, getting drunk and throwing some of their money away.

The other thing is, it is the closest to Asia so the flights are short and cheap for all the rich Indonesians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Thai's etc

They come here to for business and to play at the casino

Its owned by James Packer who is a billionaire and he spares no expense with it

Just opened a 6 star hotel there (the only 1 in Australia I believe) and the new sports stadium is a stones throw away.

Its not just a casino but an entertainment complex and you can walk in and the sky's the limit you can play big $$ hands and nobody will blink because they can cover their losses and hold out till they win it back.

I daresay the casino you are talking about does not have that amount of money invested in it or to fall back on so you always have to ask how bad will it hurt them if you start to win only a moderate amount ?



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On ‎4‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 7:25 AM, dani rose said:

W2F are you suggesting I avoid playing at RED hawk? WHY?

I said I wouldn't play there.  I have reasons to not fully trust the lightly regulated (almost unregulated) Indian casinos in California.  For me, there are too many "better" places to play.

You can decide for yourself.  You expressed concern they were watching you win and making notes about you -- unless you are playing for more than $2,500 a hand, that is reason enough for you to consider playing elsewhere.

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