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Aside from the 4 or 5 guys who live out of the country is there anybody in the US Winning consistently?

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Keith Smith

He's a few thoughts from my infinite wisdom hahaha

I have been gambling for 45 years it's a lot of exciting stuff from being an assistant starter at a race track to this and much in between,  but honestly most people like to talk about themselves and it is usually dull to others,  but I have learned some things that are relevant. To sum up my experience in this business I am not a newbie to it is my point. God now another word cliche we hear so much nowadays ... With that said.

You play Baccarat in a casino.  You probably average $25 bucks a hand bet,  oh sometimes maybe less sometimes more but on average over the game, you bet 25 bucks a hand. You usually play way too much and bet too many hands.  Of the last 5 times, you went to the casino and played Baccarat you probably lost more than you won. When you won you probably won because you won some overbet of $200 or 300 dollars on a single hand or as many players do look for a streaky game or a pattern recognition game and got lucky, and it happened at the right time. 

You believe the game is predictable, but you bet that it follows a pattern and is predictable on every shoe, in every casino that you have played. If you are hardcore, you believe that there is some metaphysical reason you can predict some games or that you see things that others do not or are not clever enough to see. You usually tell your friends when you win but not when you lose. At times you even talk to yourself and are not convinced you lost and continued to return employing the same strategy that you lost with.

My point is and the reason for this club is that you bet over $1500 if you flat bet quarters in an Average Baccarat game, and will not invest a little more than $50 bucks a month because, in all honesty, you think you have the answer and know better. You have not overcome the first Casino tactic, they feed your ego. You actually believe how clever and smart you are while they take your money.

We do not have all the answers in the private forum but we don't need them all you need is an edge, that's all you need is a little more insight into the game that you have missed. It came from all the wisdom and collective thought and analysis of hundreds of our players putting their heads together, making mistakes rehashing old thought tweaking it to new novel ideas. Sure we have some superstars but it is all based on the same premise of continuous improvement and digging deeper into the game as a group and not one know it all.  It is the antithesis of System sellers, everything proposed is usually caveat with, "I may be incorrect but has anyone noticed this before and here is what I think",  as opposed to the know it all system seller who says this is what you need to do because I am the genius and you are a subordinate and could not possibly have the depth of understanding that I have and you can have all this wisdom for $1500 bucks.  

And the real rub,  as evident by the unsolicited loyal comments defending and protecting this forum that this is a legit place and worth 50 bucks a month,  does not come from me asking people to tell people about the club but the belief in the model that I have made and their buy-in that this is the way to proceed to understand how to beat the game and show a profit from the casino playing baccarat. It is evident in their winning, their commitment to seek out new players who may have a different insight but willing to be open-minded,  offer thoughtful criticisms, and most important to take their hard earned money walk into a casino and show you that we actually play and win.  If you are that kind of open-minded,  truth-seeking thoughtful and like to learn from others experience and add your novel twist join us.  We would love to have you. 



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You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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McVince, not only are you rude an arrogant, you write like someone who while saying how much they do "for nothing" still wish to tell anyone who will listen about how much you are doing for nothing. And your comment about you being in a similar situation to myself is truly comical. I have found, especially over the last 8yrs or so to never presume I know what someone else is going through. No I do not have chip on my shoulder in fact having met people in much worse positions then me, I have actually reflected on how lucky I actually am. And you finish by boldly declaring that if I want a fight than you are the man lol. Sadly McVince,, should I want to fight, I am confident that nothing you could throw at me would make a solitary mark But if it makes you feel superior,  I will bow down and accept that scary McVince is on the job and I must cease any further comments. God help me.

Way2fast, you question why I would be defending someone who paid for membership, got what he wanted and then left. And why I was reading posts from the public forum to make my decision. I would have thought that before joining the paid for membership that reading posts on the public forum would have been a positively sensible thing to do. I do understand the internet has some dubious characters but does that mean I should have just stayed away because of that? And I don't know the OP nor do I wish to fight anyone's battles. The whole point of my post was regarding the responses that were given to someone asking a simple question. That is all. All of the responses accusing me of starting a fight miss that basic point. If he was doing the wrong thing or had done the wrong thing then why not let Keith know and let him deal with it. But apparently that's not the way it works on here and those deemed worthy are the ones who reply in a fashion I found rude but they find perfectly acceptable.

And Ozscouser1, apparently you were going to assist me sometime when I was last on here. I don't reject this as while I don't recall our communications, my memory is so full of holes I struggle to remember what I had for lunch. You say you dodged a bullet and you may well be right. Looking back I should not have even joined as I was not in a position to provide the attention to make a success of baccarat or much else for that matter. But I should have at least let you know I was heading off and for that I do apologise. You say because of my age and not wishing to put up with any BS means I have a chip on my shoulder. That is actually miles from accurate, as I've said, meeting many people with life defining, some would say destroying, injuries. opens ones mind to living life knowing you could be so much worse off and be grateful for what you have. My no BS comment was my way of saying that I don't pander to anyone, especially when it comes to matters that in the long run are of little importance. So the barrage of negative comments I received after reading what I believed were unfair posts to someone asking a question is an example. What you see is what you get from me.  I call it as I see it. You guys are probably the same. But the difference in this situation is that you are wrong. The OP apparently did the wrong thing by the club and that is why you were wrote rude comments to him when he asked his question. But that's not the point. Myself, and anyone else doing what I was doing and just browsing through some threads see this exchange and make a judgment based on what they have read. Not what the OP may have done or didn't do. On that exchange, and in that exchange you guys were out of line. Or out of line if you expect that people will want to join the club after reading those comment. Most I assume would have the sense to just leave and not leave a comment, wish I had tried that.

And Keith as always has a much better way with words than any of us and I understand and appreciate what you wrote. It is not my club and these guys are long term members and you are all very protective of that.

I wish no further dialogue about this, as I said, life is too short for this type of back and forth. I wish I had kept my original comment to myself and just exited the site as will do now. I wish you all continued success and well being.


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35 minutes ago, scaldedcat said:

Way2fast, you question why I would be defending someone who paid for membership, got what he wanted and then left

Be great if you would at least try to get the facts right.  I never questioned you defending the OP.  Look at my comments again -- I'm questioning why you would read ONE post in the PUBLIC forum and conclude this was somehow a rude place.  YOU are a Legacy Member with access to the private forums.  YOU can see the posts there where many players post their actual results on how they are doing playing.  YOU can see trip reports where I have even posted pics of winnings and reported actual results.  Guess what?  the OP was also a member with access to all that.  He chose to never post or ask questions.  But contrary to your comment, it seems he didn't get what he wanted before he left.  Had he asked the question in the privacy of the forum he would have received lots of open and honest responses.  My responses to him were about why it is unrealistic to expect winning players to bare all to the entire internet.  He didn't get it.  And clearly you didn't either.  I'm sorry you decided to exit the site -- I really am.  But if your shallow effort at due diligence is any indication of how you would have approached the work necessary to be successful, then perhaps it is for the best.  As I said, it's not for everyone.

Wish you all the best.

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Wow haven't been on here since I made my last reply And tried to join the private form again but for some reason it Wouldn't let me do it,  saying that I had already purchased the option of a subscription..  So did McVince say that I was lower than whale sh*t?  wow! It's amazing to me how many psychic people we have here, Some of you guys are in the wrong business, To assume that I just joined the form for a short time just to extract and download all the information, When in actuality I had recently lost my job, And even though it was only $50 a month, That $50 a month could go towards food. I'm glad to say that I did find another job :redface:  I consider myself to be a very positive person and not a negative person, With that being said all I can say is God Bless you guys..  Sorry for posting the initial thread, Like I said before I was just curious Of the experiences of other amateurs..

Kino aka lower than whale sh*t...

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