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Hi Kevin,


Enjoyed reading your 50 in 50 approach.  Reminded me of a player I first played with frequently in the late 90's /early 2000's.  Charles was a very successful player.  His approach was very interesting and still successful as late as early this year (ran into him during one of my very infrequent opportunies to play this year).  His approach was...


Start with 100 units of $5 goal is to win 100 units.  bets were 1 or 2 units, with an occasional 3 or 4 units if he had a solid confidence of a WIN, never more than 2 at these levels.  Max loss for a shoe was 20 units.  Max loss for a level was 40 units.  If loss happened in first level he would go home and restart after analyzing what was wrong: if at a higher level he would go back to the previous level.

His progression of levels was 5, 15, 50, 150, 500.  Completion netted $72K.  STARTING with $500!!!

He went out 5-6 times a year successfully!

Varied the casinos he played at always staying at a bet level that would not call attention to him....5 & 15 at the Grand casinos on the Coast, 50 & 150 at the Beau Rivage or New Orleans, and 500 in New Orleans or Atlantic City.  He also hit casinos on the rivers, Lake Charles and sometimes Tunica.

How did he select his bets?  Basically using what I think is called pattern recognition (not a "paid" member so I'm not up on terminology).  Track what the shoe is doing and make his bet accordingly.  He did and still bets every hand.  He's successful.




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On 11/22/2017 at 4:41 PM, kachatz1 said:







Hi @kachatz1 this has been a most interesting thread. Many thanks to you. I have been waiting for the next installment for many months. So I ask you please please please if you could find the time to post how you executed your plan. How you bet each game. Many thanks....

Thank You,

Danny A.


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