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The Ultimate Baccarat app...Common Questions

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Hello all, I get these questions a lot in some Facebook and Reddit groups I have joined.....so I did a write up to answer them.

Paid side members: This is more of an introductory post for those folks viewing the public side of Beat The Casino but your comments are welcome!


3 Most common questions.....

Question: “Can I use the app without joining BTC” “Will it help me even if I do not join?”

Question: “Why can’t I just record this on a spreadsheet?” “Why can’t I just code my own spreadsheet to do this?”

Question: “Why can’t I just do this myself on paper?”


The Ultimate Baccarat App…and introduction.

“The app” is designed to automatically play multiple systems (I will call them tools hereafter) and statistics. It records the win/loss of each tool and presents WHAT IS WORKING RIGHT NOW to the user, so the user can make a good decision. Baccarat is 50/50, at BTC we focus on using different tools to expose variance/anomalies in that 50/50 “normal.”


Question: “Can I use the app without joining BTC” “Will it help me even if I do not join?” 

The quick answer – The app is a great starting point. You can simply follow the recommendations on the dashboard and get good results. But there is more to be had…..

The deeper answer – The app calculates its analysis based on the tools developed and proven out by BTC members over years of study. Some of the tools are very nuanced when you take a deep dive into them. When you learn the nuance, you begin to really “UNDERSTAND” what the shoe is telling you. I call it “speaking the shoes language.” When and if you want to get that deeper understanding, you can ask questions, talk and discuss these tools on the forum. @kachatz1 even posts his cell phone, you can call him and go play in Vegas. The app enables all users to get the benefit of very advanced tracking and statistical tools right off the bat. The users can simply use these tools via the app or join BTC to take the deep dive into learning the nuance to become a complete baccarat player. Either way, the app makes these advanced baccarat tools are available to all players who own it.

But your best chance of becoming a word class baccarat player is joining BTC


Question: “Why can’t I just record this on a spreadsheet?” “Why can’t I just code my own spreadsheet to do this?”

Sure you can - You’ll need to join BTC to learn the nuance of each tool and spend your time writing the code. You’ll need to learn how each relates to each other. In my case that has taken me since about 2013…maybe I’m a slow learner 😊 Timewise, I have approximately 2000 hours into this app and it’s approximately 35,000 lines of code at this point. On the baccarat tools development side, programmed into the app is the decades of experience from players like @kachatz1, @Keith Smith and 100’s of other members who have developed and proven out these tools over the past 10 years or so. You just can't start typing code and have a deep understanding of the tools unless you do the hard study and research here on BTC.


The Ultimate Baccarat App Tools - Let’s take a very high level look at them through the lens of an example shoe…



This shoe is the shoe in the app screenshots below.

5D – Expanded to 15D – (On the app you see this 7D and 7D+) This tool tracks the opposites and repeats of the current hand compared to hands 1-15 back, plus Player/Banker disparity. The 5D tool was created by one of the most highly regarded BTC members @kachatz1. The manual is a free download. 15D is an expansion of @kachatz1 original idea with some additional support from a baccarat buddy up in the Great White North. 5D is, in my opinion (and everybody has one right 😊) the best way to adapt and expose betting opportunities in each shoe. It is just difficult to score quickly and accurately. There are only a few BTC members who can track it the casino. 

Below, in the screenshot, you can see, we are tracking the current hand and comparing it to previous hands. In other words, is the current hand opposite of 13 back, or is the current hand a repeat of 13 back.

As you can see, this exposes what we call disparities. Baccarat is 50/50, at BTC we look for those short-term anomalies in the “50/50” nature of baccarat. For example, look at the disparity group for O3/R3 and further… O13/R13. In each case the leading disparity has doubled (practically) its sister disparity. This has exposed an anomaly to play. O3/R3 SHOULD be 50/50 in baccarat but…. In this shoe it is not. 5D (expanded to 15D) helps expose those anomalies.

Red means one disparity is “Hot” vs the other. This is a setting the user can adjust. The “hot” status is set in this case when 3 of the last 3 events have won, vs it’s sister event (Opposite Vs Repeat).


Question: “Why can’t I just do this myself on paper?”

You can – But there are very few who can. @kachatz1 is a math whiz who can do it accurately at casino speed and it is not easy…however it is worth the time and effort to learn how to do it, I encourage everyone to learn 5D.

image.png  image.png


V87 – The V87 solution was created again by @kachatz1 as a simpler 5D. In baccarat, event lengths of 1, 2 and 3 account for 87% of all the events in baccarat. V87 only tracks those 3 event lengths. It tracks if “1s stay 1” or 1’s goes to 2     2s stay 2 or 2’s go to 3  etc..   for Player, Banker and the combined shoe aggregate.

Here is where we get into the power of the app. Lets go back to the question….

Question: “Why can’t I just do this myself on paper?”

As you can see in the example shoe below, there were no strong disparities in V87. In terms of 1’s 2’s and 3’s everything was just about equal. So….Lets say the player is tracking V87… there isn’t much here to bet. But had the player been tracking 15D (above) they would have seen the great betting opportunities presented by R3/O3 and R13/O13.

Yes…you can track V87, yes you can track 5D …  can you track both (and others) at the same time? Then analyze which one is winning and losing?

 V87 didn’t expose an anomaly in this shoe…. Using the app, the user can see this and ignore V87, using 15D instead.



ST – Statistical Tracking – @Keith Smith, the owner of BeatTheCasino.com, is educated in statistics. He is a six sigma certified statistical analysis expert. @Keith Smith (and @kachatz1 a while back) has been deep diving into this question for decades….

“What can the hand scores tell us about the shoe and how can we use that to make good betting decisions.”

With the app, we have an easy way to enter hand scores then automatically calculate statistics based on those hand scores…. And it does matter. Over the years and 1000’s of shoes@Keith Smith has played he has identified statistical “trends” that can help baccarat players identify choppy shoe sections, strong side, shoe changes and many other potential anomalies in a shoe, also baked in is “recommendations” based on the the shoe scores….


Note: This is not the shoe from above, I didn’t have the hand scores for it.

As you can see in the screenshot below on the ST tab… hand scores are easily entered. Here is what you are seeing.

1.       A rolling average telling you the up-to-date hand score average (not the shoe average).

2.       Green, Yellow and Red Arrows – To make high number, middle number and low number hands easily identifiable. In addition you see the “alert indicator” showing the user when there are runs of 3 “groups” of scores. This is adjustable in settings.

3.       At hand 3, the app is telling you Player is strong….a strong side recommendation is made.

4.       Hand 7, A Player/Banker recommendation is being made on player.

There are other recommendations as well.


Now...back to the questions….

Question: “Why can’t I just do this myself on paper?”

Again, can you track all 3 tools, 15D, V87 and ST between hands? Then keep track of W/L for each one and analyze which one is performing the best? Now we have 3 tools available to use. If 15D is not working and V87 is not working…. ST might be……

image.png image.png




 The Dashboard – With all this information floating around…. Can it get confusing? Yep, so I’ve consolidated it on the dashboard and in addition, created a set of recommendations based on all the other statistics.

What you see below is as follows.

1.       On the bottom… the V87 Statistics for combined or player/banker. An indicator telling the user if that V87 stat is hot / cold / neutral plus the next “correct” play if the user wants to make a play based on the V87 tool.

2.       TBL/OTBL – This is the running TBL/OTBL count in the shoe.

3.       On top, "All Dsp" "All +V87"  "<<ST Avg" etc… These are recommendations based on the 15D recommendations and the 15D recommendations cross referenced against V87 and ST recommendations.

The user can also get current hit rate stats for every recommendation by long clicking on the recommendation.

As you can see in this shoe, the V87 recommendations didn’t present many opportunities but All DSP did.

By using many tools. It gives us a chance to identify as many good betting opportunities as possible

image.png  image.png


There is another tool called ORE but out of respect to it's creator @BronxAl we only describe it on the private side.


Summary –

1.       Baccarat is 50/50 – At BTC we focus on finding short term anomalies in the 50/50 system.

2.       There is no “holy grail” “one size fits all” system. There are however, several tools that can be used to identify anomalies. But as you can see above, nothing works all the time.

3.       The app, automatically calculates many tools and statistics to identify WHAT IS WORKING AT THIS TIME.


So back to the questions:

Question: “Can I use the app without joining BTC” “Will it help me even if I do not join?” Yes and yes but.....

You can indeed play the app, and follow along with the dashboard recommendations, 15D V87, ST without understanding any of the above. However…if you take the deep dive to truly UNDERSTAND each tool you will be the better for it. The best way to take the deep dive is to join BTC so you can discuss all the tools, ask questions, talk and meet with players etc.


 Question: “Why can’t I just record this on a spreadsheet?” “Why can’t I just code my own spreadsheet to do this?”

Yes…you can if you want to spend the YEARS to learn all the tools and write the code. The app is more sophisticated than spreadsheet tracking. Especially when you consider it plays multiple systems at the same time, keeps track of W/L for each tool to identify what is performing the best then presenting it to the user in a way that can be consumed between hands of baccarat.


Question: “Why can’t I just do this myself on paper?”

Again, can you track all 3 tools, 15D, V87 and ST between hands? Then keep track of W/L for each one and analyze which one is performing the best?

Thanks for the questions and support!


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Posted (edited)

Anyone fortunate enough to see this clearly,  the APP ( as explained by XDN in the above post) is a remarkable work of Baccarat Science, made into a piece of Baccarat Art. 

          - In short, it is PROFOUND


Well, here’s your chance !!

I’ve known XDN for 5+ years now , and the APP he developed in concert with the owner of this forum, and with inputs from many of our BTC members, exceeds any tool I could have possibly imagined would be made available for purchase by Baccarat Players all over the world, and at such a minimal investment !!

For those of you wondering about your return-on-investment, a simple calculation using your average bet unit amount($5, 10, 25…whatever) , and factoring a minimum of 5-10-15% increase in your ‘Hit Rate’ ( a comparison of how many bets Won, versus how many total bets made) , you will quickly discover just how valuable this Baccarat tool is! Do the math…your bankroll will love you back!

     - In short, it is one of the most complete, well engineered Baccarat tools available to those who possess it, who will suddenly feel as if they have come upon their own YELLOW BRICK ROAD ( and if you are curious about what the Yellow Brick Road ‘ signifies’, or maybe just what’s-up with all those friggin’ monkeys….you can do your own google search on what The Wizard Of Oz movie was really about…) 

      - I’ll  go so far as to says it most definitely ranks among the best-of-the best Baccarat tools invented in the 21st century. What’s more, it is designed for Baccarat players of all ability levels, from beginner to professional .





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Posted (edited)

Next, let me put in my own 2cents-worth about the questions ( and answers) form XDN’s post.

And let me start by saying I am a member of the BTC forum, and have nothing to do with ownership of same…But I do have a personal interest in helping as many players improve their play as I possibly can.

WHY WOULD I DO THAT? Simple…If I had just discovered the BTC forum earlier than I did in 2010, I would have saved myself countless hours of frustration, avoided 100’s of losing sessions, and become a much more well- rounded player far earlier in my life than I did. 

OK, so I discovered BTC, and over the course of the last 12 years come to realize that if I could just pass on to others what I have learned, I needed to pay-it-forward…so that they would have the chance to create their own toolbox of HOW TO WIN $$ PLAYING BACCARAT.

I think I have done that, and will continue for as long as I am able to…

So , back to XDN’s answers to the FAQ’s he receives about The APP.

His answers were so well-explained,

                      so straightforward,

                                  so direct and so honest, 

that nothing I could add would help you make up your mind about whether The App is right for you or not.


Think about how long it would take you to do/ or even come close to doing what he has accomplished

                          how many hours,

                                          how much frustration you would experience….


I mentioned earlier a bit about my own path towards Baccarat Success.

I tried plenty on my own. I read books. I spent thousands of $$ on “ systems”, lost a lot of money.  Until I became a member of the BTC forum, and the lightbulbs started to turn on, on-by-one , and in fairly short order I realized I had the chance to ascend the ‘Stairway to Baccarat Heaven’ ( nothing religious here, just have a listen to LedZeppelin’s 1971 Stairway To Heaven song….50 years ago, and they were talking about Baccarat…)

XDN has done the heavy-lifting for you. 
—-we’re not talking about lightbulbs here…we’re not even talking flood-lamps..

          ( alas, another song about Baccarat…) 


Best I can say is don’t for one minute think about doing this on your own…you’ll be missing out on literally many $100’s, even $1,000’s of $$ while thinking you can do better.

Get the APP, join the Forum , and when you’re on board, call me anytime you have a question.

Best to All. And remember, anyone knows me, they will tell you I much prefer ‘ being good’, than just ‘being lucky’)



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