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Welcome Letter As always, welcome! We appreciate your visit to BeatTheCasino.com, my official home on the web. Take a good look around. A taste of some of the items you'll find: Daily Posts by Members, Upcoming Seminars and Play sessions Check out the Forum for our latest updates. Then, if you decide to become a Premium Member, more features become available only to you. Premium Members have exclusive access to the Professional and Legacy Player's Forum, which will give you my personal and other professional players startegies and advice on how to win consistently. Take a look and consider if becoming a Premium Member makes sense for you. I hope you like what you see, and find it useful. The content is always changing, the features expanding, and the look evolving --- all for the better, we believe. Your reactions and input to our efforts are encouraged, and very important to me. Thank you for giving us some of your time.
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