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  1. Kevin ... Thank you for your generous offering to help. I'll definitely give you a call. Once I get everything down and learn about 5D and 87%. I still haven't gotten it yet so I don't want to ask silly questions that would just embarrass me more. LOL !!! Jimmy ... I appreciate your reply with your great advise. Makes me want to call Kevin now!
  2. Sorry for this silly question. I got a little confused on what exactly is the method for on the run. What exactly does it mean when you go OTR - on the run? Does it mean that you go on one side until it hits? or do you switch sides and then go OTR? Also, I know I am just starting to learn from the forum but I get this feeling that ECD's method has been favored to FTS. I bought the NOR Manual back in 2015. I had to put it in storage due to some a change in my lifestyle. After I settle in my new house, I found the manual again in the box that I had stored it and began studying it. The
  3. Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me master the NOR. I've read the boot camp manual and I am just as confused as ever especially the MODES. I understand the direction of the OR Count is what determines the plays. System 40, F, OTB4L, TB4L I do understand. I'm not entire sure how to find a good table (especially when the tables are limited at my casino) or what it means to go OTR so it would be a great help if someone could explain that. I would like to know just how to put it all together and use it at a table from start to finish. Was there a video or something that I c
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