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  1. Hi Master Ellis How we detemine the LC at the follow shoe? B1212133111112 B121113122231 P2241114122 B231 Toatl there 8x2s , 8x3s, 3x4s. Obviously 4s is the LC, so we OTR on the 4s, then we will facing 2 lost. Pls advise. aaron
  2. Hello Master Ellis If a shoe, the O/R count patterns are like this: (-1-2-3-2--1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-3-2-1) 0 -1 0 (+1 +2 +1 +2 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +8 +7 +6 +7 +6) How we apply our system 40 here? pls advise. aaron
  3. Hello Master Ellis Pls ck and correct me if i do wrong. P1142273 B1141151222 P113112152111 P211131 The O/R counts at 69 hands is -2. I also try bettting opposites, i got final result +2, but if include 5% com, this is the losing game. max lost at the 17 hand are 21 units. Thank you. aaron
  4. Hi Master Ellis What is 43, 44 mean? Is it belong to System 40 manaul ? Can i have it? Thank you. Aaron
  5. Hello Master Ellis Pls correct me. B2211111214121 B2323321121 B312 I am not sure about the M2, so i use U1D2 all the way. The following are all beting records: Start with bet P1(L),P2(W),B1(L),B2(W),P1(W),B1(W),P1(W),B1(W),P1(W),B1(L),B2(W),P1(W),B1(L),B2(L),B3(L),B4(W), from here down 2,P2(W),B2(L),B3(W),from here down 2,P1(L),P2(L),P3(W), from here down 2,B1(L),B2(L),B3(W),down 2 again,P1(L),P2(W),B1(L),B2(L),B3(W).......,final result +17. Is interesting we win. If add M2, we will win more right? But how to use M2? Thank you. Aaron
  6. Hello Master Ellis Why O/R count alway put P first? Next ex. shoe, i done the O/R count. Ple correct me. BB PPPP B P B P B PPP BB P B P BB PP B P BB P B2411111321111 B121121 O/R count at 28 hand( include the first 2B) is +5. or we should exclude the first 2B? Which is correct? For this shoe, i come across many zero, what should we do on those count (0,-1-2,+4+5etc)? We not put our bet on every hand right ? So, how we trigger our bet? aaron
  7. Hi Brian We can bet on both player and banker at the same time. If banker win we pay the 5% commission, if player win we save the com. So we can get what we want for our recording. This is allow in Singapore. aaron0900
  8. Hi Master Ellis Yes. I had doweload the score card. Thank you. and PapaJoe. hllim
  9. Hi Master Ellis My count is -6 on 42 hand. I can't get -7. When u start the betting ? How to decide using RD2 ? RD2 stand for ? How you get +17 ? Can show me the step to get +17 ? Thank you. hllim
  10. Hello Master Ellis When we got the O/R count, then how we place our bet? How to look for a good trigger point? What i will learn on the next step? aaron0900
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