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  1. Thanks guys for bringing back TBL. That would have worked as well. Typically there are few 2s in the shoe, but that will be something to think about as well.
  2. Hi Ellis, Again, I made up that show, but was trying to show you one part of the show had I been playing Repeats with net bet. Sorry for the confusing, I shouldn't do that anymore. Anyhow, what I was asking was what are possible options for the single zz when I get to it while betting Repeats (not TBL). Because when a 2zz happens, you basically have to bet repeat again if there were sporadic 1's. So it just seemed like I always had to 3 bet and then go OTR after. I guess what you stated can also work with this system. After the first loss, I can flat the 2nd and basically I'm banking on 3+ SS. Anyhow when you were talking about the f2 shoe, I wouldn't know its f2 on the first 3, so if you went full on in NOR+ from the beginning, it was bad for me which was what I was explaining, f3 would be your streak shoe at first as you are getting away with sporadic 2's unless history states otherwise which of course I would be on f2 after that first 5 bet, but by then I could have been out. So those were my 2 points. Thanks for your information, I grab a bit of insight from you each time.
  3. Hi, Playing F usually doesn't work for me, not saying it doesn't work, but I always am too late and shoe changes or something goes wrong. The shoe I was giving you was just an example I just made up as I typed the last post, if I played F, this would take you 5 bets from the get go if you were playing all P at the beginning, lose 3 bets, then go OTR lose, then you are at a 5 bet win, then lose the net 2 etc... Just hasn't really worked for me out of all the times I played it. s40m1 was the savior for me after you introduced it few months ago... But the OR repeat recently has worked well for me, but I just wanted to ask you how you get away with those 1's once they come out in sets. Let me give another shoe that is more like what I mean. P531641 B4511135 P41134 (here if you went otr after 3 losing bets, you would have lost) So lets just say you are on the repeat train and then you get the 1s, would you do what I did and go otr after 3 losses. The sporadic 1's force you to do this. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Ellis, Thanks for telling me how to play the repeats as sometimes s40m1 doesn't work and there are a lot of evens or 2's. Having a negative OR, spotting it and playing it helped a lot in my game as there was no other way to beat the shoe, well at least without much profit. Anyhow, there is something I don't know how to get out of. Lets say a shoe like this. I'm making this up now, but lets say we are playing the OR repeat. P5324123 - its going fine up here B511134113 - Ok, so you lose have to lose 2 bets to get all the sporadic single ones (usually there are more, but this is just an example) - Basically my question is how to bet zz runs. What I do is hybrid NOR and after 3rd loss on repeat switch OTR and switch back if I lose. However, I have to basically do 3 bets on repeat all the time. Can't go OTR after 2 if there are few sporadic ones just because you would lose to these. Anyhow, any advice, typically when it hits the OTR, I stay on until it breaks similar to an s40m1 move. Another thing I have done, but don't usually do is for longer runs, It is a hybrid of a F and s40m1. I would stay on Repeat until it breaks and then when I lose my first, I go zz. Of course your a genius if it happens, but we may think of another system for this. Happens definitely more than F shoe. Again, thanks for adding more tools in my game!!!
  5. Ellis, I understand that at +/-3 you would either go SS or ZZ on the 3rd bet, but what if the the OR was +/-1 or (no bet or flat), or +/-2 (flat or 2 bet etc,something smaller than a 3)... of course the option of no bets. For the shoes I have played, the issue with seeing the "PERFECT" shoe, is I come in thinking this is the perfect shoe and then I lose every bet as it changed on me. You are not too worried about that, or does this happen to you. Sometimes I come in guns blazing with NOR+ and thats it, its frustrating as the first half had I come to the table earlier, I would have killed the shoe. Other times, I know better now, and just flat my first few bets and even half bets and zero bets because its happened too many times that the shoe changed mid shoe. Any advice on that?
  6. Ellis, I believe I paid for that webinar, I saw some of my charts after that webinar that were +/- 2 and I didn't act because I believe you said on your first bet, it should be +/-3 didn't you? and when its 0, no bet. I didn't see anything about just being + or - as I figure +/-1 would be neutral. Anyhow, another question, is this only for the first bet? Because the 2nd bet might be different because of the OR count, but then again, it could be a long run after the +3 on your first bet... just wondering. Makes more sense this way and yes, it won't happen all the time.
  7. Yes, but why would I be in Mode 2. What I would have done was go OTR after the 3rd loss, then lose that and the 5th bet, giving me a 6 bet if I went balls to the wall. This is very important as there are many things in OTB, that would take me to this position and it happens quite often for me. Of course I know I can go 2Hi, but I just want more insight on what to do when playing NOR+ and lets say the previous shoes are OTB. Other examples, might be a 5iar SS, into a ZZ when it has been going 4iar for SS... so we are OTBm3.
  8. Hi, Please let me know how you got away with the 6 bet around hand 16-21, that would get you at -8 and also take us out of a perfect otb shoe. Happens a lot where there is that one spot that screws you up before the shoe turns golden. Thanks
  9. B11232321113 P22123212 1112 B141161 Ok, This one was pretty straight forward, you could play either s40m3 or otbm3 and win. Depending on when I saw the shoe, would determine how I bet. I think I even switched, I started with s40 and at hand 8-9 I went to otb. 1. OTB - Hand 16-21 it gets all weird and I would have had to do a 6 bet and this happens to me a lot (although I don't), but if this didn't happen, I would be able to go smoothly and capitalize on the rest of the shoe. Having that the shoe was going good, I would at least do a 3 bet, then went OTR lost and then another 2 before winning the last... help 2. So would you say you would have stuck to s40 on this? s40 broke but at 44+ hands
  10. ahhh... Just added another tool to my game... thanks I get those shoes that "clump up" like this with rarely singles... recently in the past few months, I thought s40m1 was the answer. After I posted this, I also thought of doing F2 instead of the killer F3, but its hard after the fact. Where was the 4 bet you were talking about... Was it play 5 or another play?
  11. Hi, I alway have issues with shoes that start and look like F, but usually they never happen. Hard to play anyway. Anyhow, have any ideas. P2154332 B6112121111 At the beginning it was 215, I went strong side F3 and didn't work out too well.... then I also tried playing s40m1 and it didn't do well either Much appreciated help needed. Happens a lot. Thanks
  12. B3522332 P173131121 B111111131111311 No history. I came in late when it was 352... so I played OTB and won... but at around hand 40 on, it just looked like it was going s40, so I switched and gave it a shot and it actually worked out good... I noticed after that if I went back it would be good for s40m1, so I played that to the end of the shoe. Would anyone try to play s40m1 at the beginning then for the section where it was 2s you could have flatted it... would have been perfect!!!
  13. Ellis, quick question for you. I reread your comment. "At the point of your first 3 bet, a +OR is saying Mode 3 and a minus or 0 OR is saying Mode 2" I thought it was +3 we stay in chop and -3 we stay on runs... well that was for OTB. Is this still correct? And everything in between?... OR at 0, no bet and -2 to +2? I didn't recall haven't an enhanced system for s40... is there? If there is, then that would help too!!!
  14. Again, I thank you both for the good info. By the way, I forgot to tell you prior to my losses this week. I was like 20-3 on shoes. But at that time I was betting smaller and flatting a lot on losses in the middle of the shoe by just looking at my 4d and just playing more solid and laying off more hands. Then I noticed that if I did play nor on those, I probably would have won more than not. So I jumped up my initial bet and I played it as I should have, but for some reason, I got really scared and didn't play right, chose wrong systems and played it all wrong I guess. So I am going back to playing smaller in my comfort zone to not care about these huge bets. Also when I was losing almost every shoe after wards, I was still betting big and bigger as if I was chasing... typically gambler right there, so this is for all those that get really comfortable winning almost every shoe and trying to up your bets, just fyi. Cheers
  15. Thanks both for the info. Good advice. Yes, I actually started at play 6 and it looked like OTB more than s40's so I decided to go there. By the way for my first 3 bet if I did choose s40, how did you get s40m2 as on 2nd bet it was 0 or count.... but even if i was at s40, i would lose 3 bet and hit 4th bet and change to m2 next time. Also wouldn't you quit the shoe or when you keep making these 3 bets to stay even, Or do you bulldoze through it... I always think its not too good of a shoe when I keep having to 3 bet as it can easily go to 4 the next time. Also I don't have the luxury of choosing to play that early. I usually try for it, or wait for the 6-7 hand. So when you do your play on the 3rd bet it usually works... I have tried that and sometimes I get long runs at the beginning or it gets weird. Anyhow, thanks again both.
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