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  1. Hello all, I am excited about joining the club. I am looking forward to learning how to WIN at baccarat! I know there is a wealth of knowledge and experience here and I want to soak up as much as I can. A bit of background about my serious card playing... I started out as a blackjack card-counter, which I loved!! I enjoyed it because as a process-oriented person, I could just learn the rules and systems and go play. Unfortunately, I fell victim to variance and over-betting and did not recover. My goal is to become a professional player and escape corporate America. I know I have to develop superior patience, discipline and focus to be successful. If I don't, the things I learn here will not bring any rewards. I am glad to be here and ready to beat the casino!
  2. Hello all. I am fairly new to the forum. I would like to connect with anyone in the Detroit area. I don't know any serious players in the neighborhood. It would be great to have someone local to talk shop and possibly play with.
  3. @kachatz1Thank you for the tips and encouraging words. I have heard several times in the YouTube videos to play fewer hands and be more selective about which hands to bet. Sometimes, the 4D method dictates a run of bets. It may be one disparity is running above 6 or the disparities aren't too big and otb4l is the play. At times, it seems like I am playing too many hands.
  4. @Nate WThanks for suggesting the video. It has been very helpful. I am getting better and more comfortable using the 4D method. I'm not an expert yet, but I'm more competent and confident.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I basically doing 4D. I have just learned the system. I definitely need to practice more and refine my data recording process. I have to get faster. I am missing opportunities. I will also take a look at other online casinos. Thanks again.
  6. I am struggling to record results, analyze and place next bet while using 5D online. I only have 15 seconds between rounds. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve my speed and efficiency? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.
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