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What does it takes to be a Real BJ Pro

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Hello Everyone!

I was surprised to find this forum since I had lost touch with everyone in the late 90's. It's great to see that there are still nbj/wcb players out there doing it. I am very interested in speaking with anyone who is really playing this game for a living (or close to it) since I seem to be headed in that direction now.

I have been playing nbj now for more than 16 years. In all that time I have averaged 3 trips a month to AC and have done very well with it. It hasn't been easy though, because I have worked hard to develop my skills and truly understand what it takes to be a steady winner at this game. One thing for sure is you need to actually get in there and play for money that means something to you in order to become a very good player.

I would like to hear from everyone on what they have found to be the characteristics/ techniques of a steady winning player (if there are any). Am I way off thinking I can actually do this full time and earn my sole income from it? All comments welcomed.

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Guest CarlosM

Hey Charr! You have been doing this part time for over 16 years. You already know you can beat the game. For over 16 years you have known that. Why not go for 1 week straight, play every day. You will do well. Do this every week and now you are a full time player. I have had some huge wins but, I did not play every day full time. I will be starting next week since the fall is perfect for me to begin this. It is when I have the least or no commitments.

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I would not play every day. I would only play when I am feeling very well. I have allergies and sometimes I just don't feel great. When I do feel good, and I am free of time pressure and other distractions, I just hop on a plane and go wild. It happens whenever, but generally not at the crowded times. Schedules suck.

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