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You know, that guy back there said: "I tried clumping but I didn't like it." That's about as naive a statement as I have ever heard. Clumping is not NBJ. And NBJ does not always utilize clumping. Half the time NBJ utilizes the lack of clumping. There is a best way to play clumped cards and a best way to bet clumped cards. There is a much different best way to play random cards and a much different best way to bet random cards. And there is everything in between. We find the easiest game in the casino to beat and then match our card play and our betting to that precise game. You can't play ALL games the same and expect winning results. Basic Strategy forces you to do exactly that.

The Pro golfer doesn't go to the tournament with just a 5 iron. He brings 14 weapons and has a multitude of swings for each weapon. Blackjack is equally multi-faceted. Casinos make sure of that. We need mutiple weapons for multiple conditions. And we must know exactly how to use those weapons to our best advantage. NBJ is the thinking man's answer to BJ. Brains work! What questions do you have?

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Guest CarlosM

That's like saying, you tried basic strategy but, don't like it because it didn't work. Some games it works in some sections, some games it works well for the whole shoe, some games it doesn't work at all. Knowing basic strategy is important but, it only covers a portion of the game. Other games or sections of games you need to know when it's best to use basic strategy and when it's not. When it's not, you need to know what play method then to use. The NBJ, WCB manuals tell you EVERYTHING you wil EVER need to know! I hear players at the tables saying that they have been playing for over 20 years and don't want to be told how to play. Haven't they figured out why some days they get killed, some days break even and some days just can't stop winning? So, that tells you basic strategy does not work all the time! Those days they win is because basic strategy was right for that game. also, they were sitting in the right seat. And, also, the game had the right player number. Or you were in the range. Let's say it's a 4 player game. Sometimes people leave or jump in. Say you notice the game is good for you when it's 3-5 players. Above it you lose, below it you lose. Some games it will be 3 players is best. And no range. Like above of 3-5. It could be just 3 players is best and 1 or more above and 1 or more below, is bad for the table or just you. Why basic strategy players win some and lose some is because of being at the right place at the right time with the right player number, at the right seat, the degree of clumping is right for basic strategy. That's the REAL truth!

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