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Guest CarlosM

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Guest CarlosM

I would like you to see my reply to an incredible post that Ellis made on the Universal Bac forum. My reply should be interesting to any serious Baccarat or BJ player or anyone who seriously wants to learn either one, or both as I have. I obviously can't copy Ellis' post here but, here is my reply:

"You know guys, I've known Ellis for several years now but, before I knew Ellis I tried every teacher in gaming and I've had the opportunity to compare Ellis with every gaming Guru there is. I can tell you for a fact that there is no comparison. Ellis is simply the best there is. He made me SEE excactly how to beat blackjack and I beat it more than I have ever dreamed possible! Other Gurus don't even talk in terms of the size of wins I have had. Now he's doing the same thing in Baccarat. Read that post again. That has to be the most insightful post in the history of Baccarat! When you SEE the game through his eyes, you see excactly why it's beatable and excactly how to do it! "

You new guys don't have any idea yet that you have the best instructor in the world. But, you will soon find out just like I did!

Carlos Molina

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