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Well, since we spoke last I have been doing some serious studying and contemplating life as a bj pro. I have begun playing as a part-time pro and with more attention to detail and my mental state/discipline. I haven't lost a session in AC for several months now. I've been making trips and playing at least 3-4 times a month. My question is should I document my play and if so why? and what exactly should I document?

One more thing, in my area here just 20 minutes away the racetrack has aquired slots including video blackjack machines which are large screen machines that display a video of a dealer and up to 5 players can sit. It is dealt by giving each player and dealer their own individual 6 deck shoe shuffled after each hand. The law states that the play of one player cannot affect the outcome for another player. Rules-dealer hits soft 17, double on any two cards, double after split, one card on split aces, late surrender, 3-2 payoff for bj, 2-1 on insurance. $5-$200 min/max in increments of $5.

Do you think they are worth playing? Do machines play truely random or do they run in cycles? Any input appreciated.

Anyone else have any comments?

Char, FIRST, congratulations are definitely in order. I can guarantee you that NOBODY other than NBJ players can say, nor will they ever be able to say what you just said so matter of factly. Nobody but us wins every session for several months. They don't even know that such play is possible, let alone normal. Whenever I tell people I played for 3 years W/O a losing day, they think I must be exaggerating. Now you know I'm not. Keep up the good work. And, you are asking the right question. This simple answer will help keep you on the straight and narrow AND keep those winning sessions coming with even better results.

No Char, don't document your play by hands.

Documentation is used to find when and where the best games are.

You want to know exactly when and where you do best. By when, I meam what day of the week AND what time of day. Therefore:

Document day, time, casino, pit, duration, unit size, system played and result.

You might win at two different casinos on a given day and time but your notes should tell you which did best. That's the one you go back to first.

Your notes should tell you two things:

1. Exactly when and where to play for optimum units per hour.

2. Exactly what, when and where to avoid.

Remember, card counters are taught to play anywhere, any day, any time. They are taught it makes no difference. It makes EVERY difference. That is why you have no losing sessions and they do. What do they call it? Oh yeah, Standard Deviation. That's an excuse to lose. Never give yourself an excuse to lose. You will.

As far as machines go, my first inclination is to agree with Mad Dog. But before you rule them out altogether, watch some games. Note if they present an obvious first or third base opportunity. If so, You KNOW what to do.

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