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What is the truth?

Guest CarlosM

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Guest CarlosM

A lot of the truth in blackjack is just common sense. For instance. Any casino you may go to has their own gift store. One of the things they sell in there is blackjack books that may be titled, Learn To Play or How To Beat Blackjack. Now, if these books told you the truth, the casinos would be broke because hundreds would buy it. Actually, hundreds of players have bought it. Why would the casinos tell you how to beat them in blackjack and lose their fortune and only charge you $10 or $15 for the book? They are not even making a high enough profit in selling you those books to make it worth their while. They are in fact selling their books to get as many people, if not all the players, to play the game the worst way you could EVER play. They know that having the players play basic strategy and card count in todays shoe game, shuffle machines, is the best way the casinos can maximize their profits. Every blackjack table presents it's own opportunities. That's why it's best to play different strategies and different table positions so that it is in sync with the opportunity present at that particular table. There is even the right time and days to play a casino so that your skills and talent produce the best results. Can you imagine being able to know the dealers hole card often. Can you imagine how that would sway your hit/stand decisions to be that much more accurate. It would be like having X Ray vision. Or how about being able to know what your next hit card could be. Especially if you have 11 and would only double when you expect a high card or a ten, and if not you would hit and could hit again and pull of a good pat hand, where as had you doubled, you would only get 1 card, and say it was a 3. You don't just lose, you lose double. That's like losing 2 hands in a row. OUCH!!!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to do so. More interesting posts to still come.

Carlos M

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Guest CarlosM

Why would the casinos give anything away for free? Because it obviously is for their benefit. Free blackjack lessons! That is too silly. I've seen that myself many times. I just walk by and laugh.

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