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My Local Ca. Indian BJ Casino

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Hi All,

I have been busy helping my brother and getting my house ready to rent. I am moving to TJ, Mexico ASAP because of the Medical costs in the US.

I was on ABC's , KFSN 30 TV recently, in a report called , " Medical Tourists." The reporter and cameraman interviewed me at my house and followed me to Bajanor Hospital in TJ, Mexico. ( 20/20 , out of NY , did that too in July of 2007 )

You can watch the video by sending me your e-mail address and I will send the link. Send your address to : cewls@yahoo.com

I have not until recently been putting my time into BJ. The readings on this site are intiminating. They make me see that I have been playing BJ wrong ....forever. I HAVE bought into BS, all my BJ play-life.

I have been going to my local Indian Casino's for two weeks now. The local one is called, " The Palace ." It is just a few minutes from my house.

They recently added two tables of Baccarat. One is on the pit -floor and is a converted BJ table. The other is in the , " booze allowed ", high limit area and is a 10.00 min. to 500.00 max table. The pit table is 5.00 min to 500.00 max bet table.

The $$$ I have seen lost on the Baccarat pit-table is awesome.... as CD says... "The table looses. " I have played the pit table only twice.

I played it waiting for two same-way outcomes , then betting a 7-step neg. progression the other way. I have made small $$$ both times.

I would like to invite you -All to come to Lemoore, Ca. to play at , "THE PALACE CASINO.COM " We have a new Motel 6 near the Casino. The Casino is located on alk. white land. ( The very worst land to locate the Indians.... they were on land near Coalinga, Ca. but oil was found on the land ...so... to useless land they went )

Why invite U ? The palace has 20 or so BJ tables. Five are 6 -deck shoes and the Casino has what I think is one of the best BJ player rules I have ever seen.

You can play all seven spots ,at once, at table min. betting .... Yep ! I show up when the Casino is empty (at 4:00AM until noon). I bet up to 35.00 @ 5.00 per hand. I am fishing for BJ's, double-downs and splits.

I have been starting with two hands OF 5.00 each. If I lose the hands I go to 3 hands of 5.00 each, lose... I go to 6 hands of 5.00 each, lose most of the 6 hands, I go to 6 = 10.00 hands , lose over 1/2 of these, I go to 6 hands at= 15.00.

Qualifing a playable table seems to be the key. I only play in the mornings when the Casino is empty.

I just came from the Casino. It took me 3 hrs. to leave up 24 units. ...boy... the tables dealers were killing us players this morning ! The dealers were not busting once in 4 hands..... once in 6 to 8 hands was more like it. I finally stopped playing until the dealer busted .....jesss....do I need to study the manuals !

With your imput and advice, I will alter my play ANYWAY to win.

The table players are like most BJ players....dumping to the house.

I do not want to do that anymore.

Thoughts ?


PS: My goal at this is to make $$$ to support my passion. I am training to become a RET Tech. (Rapid Eye Tech. ) I want to do pro-bono work.

The County of Kings -probation unit, has said they will give me the hard-core cases to work with. I have done 25 hrs of RET myself and it saved my life.

Dan Rather did a 60 Minute piece on how well RET cures the trama of female rape and RET is being used in Penn. prisons to treat the twisted reality of inmates who most likely were early-childhood trama cases.

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