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To all Blackjack and Baccarat Players,

Let's not waste any time here. I am the best BJ player in the world. All my students know that. Every casino knows that. Every BJ instructor knows that. I hold the top record. I played the toughest BJ game in the world, Atlantic City, full time for three years straight without a losing day. I did this in front of many witnesses including casino witnesses. Nobody can top that, not the best or fastest card counter, not Kenny Uston, God rest, not the MIT team, nobody. That record is mine alone. I am the best there is. Well, except for a few of my best BJ students. Some of them play better than I ever did. But even they will tell you this: I am the best BJ instructor in the world. I’ve taught more winners than anybody. And I teach them thoroughly.

How did I do this? I did it my way. I don’t play like you do. I don’t use basic strategy. I don’t count cards. That’s amateur kid stuff. I play my own creation, NBJ. I know when to play and when not to play. I know which table to play and which tables not to play. I know which seat at that table is best and exactly how to play THAT seat at THAT table at THAT time. And no, I don’t go by winning activity. That’s just more kid stuff. I’m not going to play like they play anyway.

How long did it take me to find that game? Two minutes from when I walked through the front door.

Look, everything you ever learned about BJ is WRONG! Every BJ book is wrong! Every expert is wrong! Every dealer is wrong! Basic Strategy is wrong. And if you play it perfectly you will lose perfectly. Everybody read those books. They all play basic strategy. Casinos give out basic strategy tables. How many winners do you see in the casino? One? Two? NONE? Why? Because they are playing exactly the way the casino wants them to play. They are playing B.S. Like lemmings.

On its best day basic strategy has a 43% hands won rate. The vast majority of BS players lose overall on their doubledowns. They ALL lose on their splits and none of them know how to win on insurance. You CAN’T win with a 43% hands won rate. Look, if everybody won on all those options the casino wouldn’t offer them. They offer them to MAKE money, not LOSE money. And, it doesn’t matter what the dealer’s up card is. That’s only half her hand. What matters is her whole hand. Yep, I’ll teach you how to know what she’s got in the hole. And no, we don’t cheat.

The first thing I will teach you is how to find that winning seat. Then, how to play it, how to win over 50% of your hands, how to win your doubledowns, how to win your splits, and how to win BIG TIME on insurance. And its all common sense.

Did you ever get to a hand and just KNOW that the book play won’t win? Well your instinct was right! You probably shouldn’t have been in that game in the first place.

Look, I’m getting old. I haven’t got the time or inclination to mix words with you. If you want to learn to win at BJ, I’ll teach you. And I’ll teach you better than anyone else on this planet.

But that is not my purpose here today. Professional BJ involves game selection. You can’t just walk in and sit down to any BJ game. Everybody does that. That is why everybody loses. You MUST be selective. You MUST know exactly when and where to play. 90% of BJ games are unbeatable. I can’t beat them. You can’t beat them. Nobody can! You must know when and where the 10% winning games are and how to beat them and you must restrict your play to those winning games. That makes life a lot simpler. But that means that you will have a lot of time on your hands in the casino. You don’t want to be tempted to play bad games and you don’t want to go to the bar! That’s for losers.

That is exactly why I learned to win at Baccarat very early on. It’s the perfect time filler. The way I play Baccarat you can sit down to any Baccarat game anywhere in the world at any time and beat it. Now, ALL of your time in the casino is productive and you’re doing the best thing you could be doing in a casino at all times. Yep, In the whole rest of the world Baccarat is far more popular than BJ and unlike BJ, Baccarat rules are exactly the same everywhere in the world.

Oh I know, you saw some James Bond movies and Baccarat is too complex for you. No it isn’t! It is the simplest game in the casino. It’s exactly like a coin toss. Instead of heads and tails its Bank and Player. In fact they could use a coin instead of cards if they wanted to.

Baccarat is the simplest game in the casino! No hit decisions, no doubledowns, no splits, no insurance. Bank or Player, place your bet. Just don’t bet on ties. That’s dumb. See you already know more than the other players. It’s sort of like BJ if you could also bet on the dealer.

Baccarat is the friendliest game in the casino! Unlike BJ, there are no arguments, no unkind words. See, nobody cares what you do because your play does not effect the game in any way. You will find that very refreshing after BJ.

Baccarat comps better! Yep, I even have $10 players getting room comps along with gourmet restaurant comps. See the casino thinks you can’t win so they comp you good. But we routinely win 70-80% of our games. And our wins are more than twice the size of our losses. Do the math! They don’t care. They think its luck. Luck hasn’t got a thing to do with it.

Baccarat is more comfortable! The tables are bigger, the chairs are better. You’ve got more room. You’re in the quietest, best air part of the casino. You don’t have idiots jumping in and out. You can even leave your chips on the table when you take a break. They’ll be there when you get back. All of them!

Now don’t get me wrong! Baccarat is not second best. The MIT BJ team tried but failed to obtain a ½% Player Advantage. A trained NBJ player can expect to win to a 15% Player Advantage or Return On Investment. Great! But a trained Universal Baccarat Player playing our U2HiSAP can expect to play to better than 20%. Our Bac players do that routinely. Ask them. BTW, this is the only web site I know where you can talk directly to the players. Other sites don’t do that. They can’t. And I think you know exactly WHY they can’t. Ask any question you want right here. A player will answer it. Just make it clear that you want a player to answer it. Or, If you want to talk to a specific player I don’t mind in the least. I hope you do. I’ll give you the Email address. Just ask.

You might be thinking if Bac plays to a higher advantage why not just learn Bac. Well you certainly could. But if you are like me, BJ is your first love. And BJ moves along faster esp. if you learn to play head to head like I do.

But that gets me to my main point today: Why learn both?

Because you can learn Bac a whole lot faster. You know, casinos like you to think that you go to relax and enjoy yourself. That’s absolutely nuts! Have you ever seen a relaxed high stakes BJ player? If you are anything like me, or for that matter, anything like all serious players, you go there for one reason and one reason only. Lets be honest. You go there to make money!

In Bac, learning the U2HiSAP, I can have you making money in a week! Yeah it’s a little complex as Bac systems go but the big difference is, it wins. There is simply no other Bac system where you can sit down to ANY game and win consistently. And its free! Well maybe not exactly but all of my bac players win back their purchase price eventually and some have done it the same day they got their instructions.

NBJ wins great but it takes time. There’s manuals, practice, audios, practice, videos, practice, and then more manuals. With SAP, we call it for short, you download your instructions and sample games, study them, ask your questions, practice and you’re off to the casino. You will even be equipped with your own score cards with are cleverly designed to do most of the work for you.

So my best advice? Learn Bac and make money while you are learning BJ. Thinking of going pro? You’ll definitely want to learn both. Happy hunting!

Uncle Ellis

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