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Dear Mr. E. Clifton Davis,

I am currently a new BJ player and I am interested in learning to play BJ like a pro, all the while ive been using basic strategy to play blackjack and if there is a chance for me to sharpen up my skills I would like to learn from you. I am looking forward to hear from you for more lessons, if there is a chance, do invite me to your NBJ club as a head start for me. Thank you so much.



Sorry to take so long to get back to you Hans but I was out of town. First, if you hit the order button, that doesn't commit you to anything but you can see our price list. NBJ is currently at $199 which is a very good deal because it is normally at $445.

Currently the $199 gets you membership in the NBJ club, access to the NBJ manual, access to the audio and video tapes as well as the Newsletters and access to converse freely with the other members. You will learn everything you need to know to become a winning player. And you will continue to get lots of help. The other members will also help you learn the tricks of the trade. Losing days will quickly become a thing of the past for you.

There is another new member I would like you to Email to get his slant on things. Smitty, whom I have never met, is a recent member. He is already winning daily up in Canada against the toughest game I've ever heard of up there. He loves it and can tell you exactly how long his studies took and how much he is winning. If you Email me direct at


I will Email you Smitty's Email address and get permission for you to Email him. He owes me a favor anyway.

I applaud your taking the first step to learn Basic Strategy. You haven't told me where you play but let me guess what is going on with you. I'm a pretty good guesser when it comes to BJ.

Some days you are finding it easy to beat them. Other days you are finding it impossible. Your overall hands won rate is very close to 43%. You are winning slightly more doubledowns than you are losing. You are losing overall on your splits and you probably virtually never insure. I'm pretty darn close aren't I?

OK, the first thing you need to learn is WHEN to play and when NOT to play.

The next thing to learn is which games to play and which to avoid.

The next thing is where to sit at the table you select to do the best at that table.

Just those 3 things and you will already see a vast improvement in your overall play. But we are just getting started.

The next thing is which hands to play Basic Strategy and which hands to defy Basic Strategy.

Then, which hands to double down and which hands to hit instead. You've got to win your double downs and it is easy to know when you will.

Splitting is an art. It is the lesser of two evils. I'll have you splitting less but winning more of them.

Insurance is a cash cow. You should be insurring a third of the time and winning more than half. Half is GOOD because it pays 2 to 1 but I'll get you up to way more than half. How does 90% sound?

You CANNOT win at BJ with a 43% Basic Strategy hands won rate. But, I'll get you over 50% hands won rate. Now the sky is the limit.

The MIT team bragged about a 0.5% player advantage. Child's play. I'll get you up to 6% right away and gradually up to 15%.

Now you know exactly what questions to ask Smitty. See if he isn't making all the numbers I have mentioned or maybe even better.

Oh, and about our $199 price: The average Basic Strategy player loses more than that every day he continues to play Basic Strategy. But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

Email me and we'll fix that quick!


Note the underscore after ellis. Hope to hear from you soon Hans. You've gone this far! Why not turn your hobby into some real cash just like Smitty did.

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