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Folks we made a single subscription forum for BJ. BJ being my first love it was hard to track and get involved with with the different forums so we moved to one. The membership includes WCB, NBJ and In Search Of manuals. If you had membership to NBJ club or WCB message me and I will add the access for you if I missed you.


Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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Hello Keith. I am a member in NBJ club. Please reinsert me to the new forum.

After your last reply, I decided to play. I recently visited my local casino and played 1st base, no hole card - 6 decks - 4 players my self included - one2six suffle machine. The tens ratio was sutisfying (more than 4 out of 13). Started playing with new cards at about 13:00 p.m. What I noticed is:

- Eventhough I followed the stop loss method (1-1-2 and then jumped to 1-2-4) - I playes satisfyingly well the 1st base Basic Strategy, I eventualy lost even my bankroll.

- The way the dealer picked up the cards was the way you teach. There were many pushes of tens and rarely clear clumps.

- Splits did not work out and my 21 was not paid twice because of dealer's 21 as well. Weird ha...?

- Many times it seemed as if cards were random or zippers (ex. ---++-+-)

- A few times there was bad 1st card predictability.

I wanted to ask you what did I do wrong? Should I play or protect my bankroll? Also I couldn't find Mad Dog in memberships list in order to inform me about the one2six suffle machine. Is he still a member?



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