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Hello Ellis

First of all I want to thank you for your advice. Now I know what I did wrong.

This time I write to you just to be sure if I understood well. So, first of all - before I get into a play I check if it's random or clumped cards. The tens ratio must be more than 4/13 and if highs or lows following highs or lows. When it is random I play 3rd base basic strategy and when clumped Variable strategy. As for the 1st base - if it is random I play BS and must have a good dealer's last card predictability. Always try to play with new cards (do I have the right to request from the dealer to open new cards in the middle of a shoe?) - I'm asking this because there are times where the cards stuck while the dealer shares the cards. - Play with not too many players ( although I watched a table of 50euros playing 1 player head to head with the dealer and she steped on him - he lost everything). Finally use neg prog (I usually use 1-1-2 and then 1-2-4). While I was playing 1-1-2 I was usually losing on 2 and then started again with 1 - the same with 1-2-4. So generally I was in my money and few times more. Is this correct?

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