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Gold Strike Mississippi

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I have to tell you that the 2 deck game at the goldstrike is one of the best game I have seen in years. They use a shuffle machine to alternate two 2 deck shoes. Before they place the cards in the shuffle machine they do a once through stutter shuffle with a strip at times. The cards clump up at a frequency that allows you to see some predicability but not to the point of "you know why you lost".

My wife killed the game at third base and twice cashed in $1200 in greens in a back and forth game playing NBJ at third. Most of the other folks at the table lost eventually, but due to some alteration in card play when she saw clumping was obvious, applying the correct betting strategy to a back and forth game we had a windfall.

I saw people in games always betting up as you win in a game when they are clearly never losing three hands in a row playing very close to even straight basic. They can offer that game for the same old reason, everyone plays close to or some variation of basic strategy and ignore the obvious ( card clumping) Theyall bet the same way, up as you win.

Just to prove they have no fear of counters, it I counted it out and recited the basic strategy play refine to "WONG Halves count" out loud and no one said a word. A double deck game where they deal down to 3/4 of a deck they didn't care if I counted. Bring on the card counters they beat you hands down. Play NBJ and learn to win.


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Absolutely true!

I never fails to amaze me how many people don't know how to bet and don't know when to alter their card play because they are so ingrained in the traditional blackjack theory. I actually politely laughed along with the people who were laughing AT ME for hitting a 14 during a low card clump (they were all so darn friendly that I had to be polite!)... and yet they still didn't catch on to what I was doing and what was happening right in front of them.

I think the only person who caught on was the pit boss, who suddenly was very interested in making conversation with me and changing the decks. He also commented on how "lucky" I was to be the only winner at the table. ;) As a matter of fact, he commented on that multiple times.

~Suzanne Smith

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