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BJ 101 is right on the money!

Guest smitty

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I've been playing this game for 20 years, and I always saw these clumping patterns, tested them and even had some friends of mine who were dealers and pitbosses say they BOX or Chunk the cards to wipe the table out and pull back in the money. They let you win for a while, but because humans are emotional, they get you chasing money that wasn't yours and then finally get all your money. Because when the cards start clumping, the dealers or shuffler or shuffle machines (which chunk shuffle anyway), make unbalanced shuffles (chunking) to prolong and augment the clumps so basic strategy and card counters get wiped out. I've seen it, tested. Now this doesn't happen all the time. You have to know when to use Basic Strategy combined with Card Counting, when to use a negative progression betting because it's a win 1 in 3 scenerio, and when the deck is biased towards house rules or clumped to play a non-random strategy.

If you can get this down, you'll be a millionaire for sure... Think about it, you'll only win 51 ~ 52% of time counting, what about the other 48 ~ 49 % of the time... you should be playing like the house. Problem is, it makes you look like a total moron (but it's great when you got it right because everyone else is losing and you're winning in that particular shoe...).

Bottom line is, you have to be armed with a few approaches to the game and know when and how to implement them. If you can do this, you'll be one of the very few successful blackjack players that can make a living from the game!

So we need more and more players to start implementing these changes so the casinos start to get more random or don't know what to do. Fight back, don't listen to the BS about, "well, the dealers are human, they get tired, they get lazy and don't shuffle.."

And since when can you shuffle 8 decks once or twice to make the cards totally random ? haha

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