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Lets say you're at the casino and you are there to observe the card prep. You notice that the casino is using a wash procedure that results in exploitable clumping. Now you know that you can use advantage betting, but here's a tip:

Enter the game right after card prep. When you see cards that would make you raise your bet to your high bet, IF YOU SEE that those cards are comprised of a variety of card suits, then you can expect that the tens ratio will be very high on the next round of play, since multiple high card clumps have been interleaved from the original boxed card order. You can alter your bet and card play strategy to take advantage of this fact.

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OK. I will begin with a bit of review. New cards are packed into the boxes in a certain order. The first card on the top on the deck is the ace of hearts. Then comes the two of hearts and so on up to the king of hearts. After the hearts come the clubs, again from ace to king. After that come the diamonds and then the spades, but these start from king and go in reverse order down to the ace.

Now I will explain my point by way of example.

Let's say you enter the game and happen to see a nine of clubs. You know that in the box it was the card before a long run of pure tens that form the middle of a deck:

ten of clubs

jack of clubs

queen of clubs

king of clubs

king of diamonds

queen of diamonds

jack of diamonds

ten of diamonds

Let's say you also see a nine of hearts in the same round. You know that it precedes a group of pure tens as well.

Since you're seeing both of these nines together, the tens that follow these two cards probably happened to get shuffled together and are probably coming out soon.

My point is this: if these two clumps are interleaved, the density of tens will soar because each card typically goes through only 2 riffs after the wash. If one of those two riffs was expended by riffing the tens clumps together, then that means there is only one riff left to mix in any other cards.

The highest chance of dealer breaking occurs with a 2:1 tens ratio.

SO look for cards that signal the presence of ten-valued cards in two suits, along with some lows mixed in and then bet the farm.

If someone had the patience to wait for just this situation before placing a high bet, I believe his hands won ratio for his high bets would be through the roof.

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Yo Maddog, All.

I too have seen what you are saying.

Two weeks ago, while playing low ball BJ at a 3.00 min. BJ table, at the Siena Casino in Reno, one-on-one with the dealer and using your posted idea of betting table min. until I won a hand [ tks Maddog for the tip... cause I had 8 losing 3.00 bets in a row ] I found that the dealer would hand shuffle her two decks and the first dealer-hand NEVER HAD A TEN VALUE UP CARD !

So, I would play 10x table min.'s [ three 10.00 hands ] whenever she was ready to deal the shuffled up hands.....Wow ! I only lost one hand in many,many first delt hands that way.

I doubled up the lost three 10.00 hand to three 25.00 hands and won the lost loot back....then regressed to two 5.00 hands.


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