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Exploiting my Indian Casino for $5,000 on Xmas !

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I live in a house I built from the ground up including drafting the house plans myself.

I found a 1/2 acre lot ifor sale in the local newspaper and contacted the owner by phone. He told me he would be wearing a red shirt and sitting in the 4th booth, from the door, at Denny's.

He told me to bring the cash $$$ to him and he would give me the title to the property. It really seemed like a set-up.

I took the money out of the bank and proceeded to Denny's. Sure enough, he was sitting, with his seperated wife, in the 4h booth. So... it was not a set-up after all but a property-split between the two of them.

I bought his land and signed a contract with the largest home builder in our area. The deal fell through when the builder would not build walls with 2x6 studs instead of 2x4 studs.

With my fathers 24 foot flat-bed Mack truck in tow, I went to the local Home Depot and bought $ 24,000.00 of home building stuff and built the house myself. I bought a water well drilling rig and drilled my own well.

However, what I am recently most proud of is taking advantage of ... " The Palace Indian Gaming Center 's " promo on Xmas day of 2008.

Our local Baccarat and BJ dealing Indian Casino was 25 years old in 2008. On the 25th of each Month, during 2008, from 9:00AM to 10:00PM, for each $ 100.00 buy-in you would recieve a paper ticket to take to the Players Club and redeem for a beaded disk.

In the presence of one of the 5 Players Club employees, you peeled off the foil to reveal what prize was under the foil.

I arrived at the Casino at 10:00AM and I bought in at the Baccarat table for $ 2,000.00.... thus getting 20 tickets to take to the Players Club to play " BLING. "

Playing Baccarat for 10 minutes, I found myself up + $ 110.00 so I colored up and told the pit boss I was going to play " BLING ".

The line to the Players Club was 2 hours long....jessss ! When I did get to the Players Club, I redeemed the tickets for 20 peel-open disks.

The disks netted two Casino free rooms, free Coffees, and $ 375.00 in Players-Club-Card credit ... not too bad.

I then went to the cage and cashed in the $ 2,000.00 in chips for real $$$. I took it to the High Stakes BJ room and bought in for another $2,000.00.

Back in line for anothe long wait. It netted one more free room, a manacure, three tee shirts, $50.00 in table games match-play coupons, and $ 325.00 in Players-Club cash...sweet.

Over th the cash-cage to cash the chips in and then to the main BJ gaming pit for another $2,000.00 in coupons. The wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes the 3rd time I tried this.

The same Players Club gal got me at her window each time I cycled to the Club. On this 3rd trip she said ... " Oh, NO ...Not you again ! "

This third trip netted one more room, + $ 50.00 more in match-play table games coupons and $ 425.00 in Players Club cash.

Feeling like I had been at a flea market all day, I sat down at the Annex's, " Casino Of The Moon " Baccarat table.... worn out. I did not intend on playing for a 4th time but I remenbered nobody had got the Grand prize disk of $ 2500.00 yet.

Over the loud speaker, they said you must be in line in the next 15 minutes to play BLING for the last time..... so.... I bought in for the fourth time for $ 2,000.00 and headed into the wait...wait...wait.... BLING line.

It was 11:00PM when I got to the Players Club. The same window gal was cracking up with laughter when she got me for the 4th time.

The gitty gal gave me the final 20 disks to open. The first 5 disks said, " Sorry, try again. " The next 10 revealed + $ 25.00 each in Players Club cash. The last disk said, :


The Players Club loaded + $4,100.00 in Players Club Cash onto my card and I figure the other goodies added up to at least + 4 900.00.

It was an awesome $ 5,000.00 day !

What a hoot !



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