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Re: SKOR Manual Questions



Originally Posted by hitandrun


How do you play the non-randomness at BJ, could, you give a specific example.



Ha, thats a tall order. I've already written 3 books on the subject which we offer on the BJ forum. But as a quick aside, Basic Strategy is designed for random cards and that's what you play WHEN the cards are random. But mostly because of the rule of picking up the break cards first, the cards will seldom be random. That is why nobody wins with BS. The more the cards are played and the more players in the game the more the cards are clumped and the more the cards are clumped the less the dealer breaks. In low card clumps the dealer can't break so you don't stand short like BS says which is betting the dealer will break right when she can't break. You hit or stand or double according to what is running. And you insure when tens precede the dealer's hole card. That is just a very small example. BTW card counting is useless in the shoe game. I was just demonstrating on the Tunica trip that I'm still the best BJ player in the world, but I'm barred most everywhere. I probably soon will be at Gold Strike.

The casinos learned everything they know about Bac from BJ. So did I.


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