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Free Bac Beginner Class

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If you would like to join a free Baccarat Beginner class go to the thread "Desperate".

I will be concentrating on the 3 free U2Hi systems. While some get these right based on the brief instruction provided with them, Most do not. Most do not get that you can't play one system one way every shoe and win. To win you must either learn two compatible systems or learn to play the same system two different ways.

I'll be concentrating on playing the same system two different ways. This is the easiest and simplest way to get you winning. That is step # 1.

I had hoped that most would be able to earn their advanced private forum tuition by playing the free systems. While some have, most have not been successful. This is mostly my fault. The instruction was not basic enough. I forget how it was when I first learned more than 25 years ago. Then we pretty much developed our own Baccarat language that makes it even harder for beginners because they have no idea of what some of these basic terms mean. I need to explain terms along the way.

It is not hard to learn to win at Baccarat but nobody can do it on their own. Everyone needs help getting started.

It just occurred to me that using the Desperate thread is probably not the best way to get you started. I'll start a whole new thread: Beginner Bac Class. Watch for it

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