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Never insure, Right? WRONG!

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Never insure, Right?WRONG!

Please allow me to give you one BJ tip as a small sample of the many great playing tips you will learn in NBJ / WCB. Here’s a tip you can use to improve your play TONIGHT!

First I’ll give you an idea of how strong this tip is. I was once ejected from the Claridge, Atlantic City, for getting every single insurance bet right for 5 hours straight. Actually it was more like 6 hours but the Pit Boss didn’t start keeping track until the dealer complained after the first hour. The pit boss declared that he didn’t know how I was cheating but it was impossible to do that W/O cheating. So I got tossed. Big deal! I was getting hungry anyway.

So, did I cheat? Nope! it just seemed like it. And, there was a little luck involved too. But not much. And I’ve done it many times before that and after that.

So, How’d he do dat?

Whenever the dealer had an Ace up and the third base player’s 2nd card was a ten or face I insured. Whenever it wasn’t, I didn’t. Simple as that.

Come on Ellis how could that possibly work???!!!

Ha, I assure you that it works just fine. Here’s why!

Insurance has nothing to do with your hand. You aren’t actually insuring anything. It’s purely a 2 to 1 side bet. Does the dealer have a ten down or not? The odds should be 4 out of 13 but they aren’t! This is due to the way the cards are picked up. Exhaustive computer simulation involving mega millions of hands clearly demonstrates that in BJ tens follow tens 53% of the time on avg. The third base players 2nd card is always the card preceding the dealer hole card. If it’s a ten the dealer has a 53% chance of having BJ and the bet pays 2 to 1. It is by far the best bet in the whole casino! Always was, always will be!

53% doesn’t sound like much does it. But consider that tens should follow tens 4 out of 13 times or 31%. So your odds should be 31% but they aren’t. They are 53% on average and the more the cards are clumped the greater your odds and the cards are always clumped. And remember, the bet pays 2 to 1.

Don’t argue, try it and you’ll soon see!

All those books that tell you never insure - throw them out, they are pure junk. Advance to NBJ/WCB. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve got hundreds of playing tips just like that one. You’ll see!

Join us in the private Blackjack forum at BeatTheCasino.com and learn hundreds more professional tricks of the trade. In addition, did I mention you can download the first 4 chapters of New Blackjack FREE. It's jammed packed with more Blackjack dynamite.

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