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Going Pro? by Ellis

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If you are considering going pro, pay strict attention.

Today, 06:35 AM


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Re: Going "PRO"


Georgia, et al, your Bac Statistics above are good, Few players even recognize that much and believe it to be purely a game of luck.

I played full time pro for several years back in the late '80s and early '90s in AC. But I was't thrust into the situation as you were. I had plenty of time to reconoiter, study and appraise before making the plunge. I was also adroit at two games. And I had turned casino morning card prep studies into an art form. I also had a team of Engineer friends record actual casino statistics for months before making the plunge. I knew the actual statistics of BJ and Bac cold and knew them to be completely different than published statistis. I knew tidbits like splits lose overall. Why bet twice as much money on a horrible hand? It's a sucker bet! I knew exactly what type of game the morning card prep produced in both games. I also knew exactly when to go for the jugular and when to retreat. Even my military skills took on new meaning. I tested myself each morning before play. If I failed the test I didn't play that day.

I knew that 90% of the BJ games were unbeatable. But I also knew how to identify and when and where to find the games that WERE beatable. And once in a game, I knew within a few hands whether I had selected right or not. I had learned to NEVER challenge a dealer and to only play the very easiest games.

I was never forced to play a tough game because I could simply switch games. I quickly learned that BJ has a very small but very identifiable winning time window. Playing outside that window is suicidal. That's what Baccarat was for.

In other words I approached the whole thing as just another Engineering project and put all my Engineering skills to work. I played professionally in every sense of the word.

I lived with the dealers, bought a dealer shirt, and drank beer with them most every night at the Madison House. I lived upstairs. I learned every trick there was from them. I also knew which dealers to play and which to avoid. BTW, my wife and family were fully supportive.

I also exercised daily and took 5 mile walks on the boardwalk daily and kept a healthy diet.

My early morning sessions were my bread and butter because I knew exactly what to expect from watching the card prep. Whatever I won in the morning was my bankroll for the day. That way I never had a losing day. I ALWAYS won in the morning. That was the easy part.

So guys, do you still want to turn pro? If so, do it the way I did. Be a professional professional. It's the only way!

At this point I have written 13 Baccarat Books and three BJ books. I'm starting a novel:

"The Player" by E. Clifton Davis

Now, perhaps Garnabby would like to post HIS credentials. Ha!


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