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Continious Card Shuffler vs Automatic Card Shuffler

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I like to play with hand shuffled cards as you don't have to track two shoes then. In addition you can observe the intertwine of the dealer is it tight or loose.

Some swear by the shuffle machines as they say/claim the clumping is more predictable but you have to usually track two shoes.

I agree with Keith on this one. Being able to watch the intertwine is very telling. During my Vegas trip 2 weeks ago I discovered that the TROP has an awesome 3-Stack shuffle. Unfortunately, despite the acceptable intertwine the dealers at those 2 tables produced an inordinate amount of TEN upcards which I had to contend with. On the other side of things, my insurance bet performance in those games was 90%!! Manny the floor person started camping out at my table at those times and would shake his head when my insurance bets hit (often in negative counts) - especially off the top of the shoe.

As for the MD-1 & MD-2 shufflers, while you do have to make a note of two shoe signatures (Ex: Red & Blue), the card-clumps out of those machines are often awesome, and, depending on the machine parameters often produce 2 - 3 HoT red or blue shoes. I'll take it either way (hand shuffled or MD-1&2). The deciding factor is of course the table selection/departure factors.


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