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A BTC Newsletter?

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A few years back we had a Newsletter called the NBJ Newsletter. It was, by far, the most successful Newsletter in the gaming industry - in the history of the gaming industry.

I wrote that Newsletter and I was very proud of it. Yeah, yeah, it covered ALL aspects of gaming, all games, all casinos, all systems. But that was not what made me proud. What made me so proud of it was the comments from readers. You wouldn't believe what readers said:

"Ellis, where is my Newsletter? Look, I'm a working slob. I work a lobster boat off the coast of Mass. We don't get much recreation. All the guys, what we have to look forward to is your Newsletter. It keeps our dream alive. We pour over every issue again and again."

I got a very similar letter from a Russian submarine crew. And I got many from just plain casino guys and some from the OTHER side of the table. One from a guy that had no legs and casinos was his "whole life now".

Not all these guys were members. Some were just plain Newsletter guys with their own reasons.

Hey, it did my heart good! It filled a vacuum. It filled a need. I had a purpose. Everyone needs a purpose, esp. when you get my age. AND, I was pretty damn good at it.

I had a stroke in '96 and I couldn't write for a while. But I'm well now. Also, the NOR manual is drawing to a close. Yes, I want to start a novel but Keith is wanting to restart the Newsletter. It's really not up to me. It's up to you guys. No, it would not be expensive. What do you think, should we do this?

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Ahhh I don't know it was popular when we did it as it doesn't deal with the bits and pieces of system and approaches. We used to get into critiquing other systems answering our detractors comments, and posting articles submitted by our members. In addition it is open to the entire community where you are a private member or not so we stay in touch with the general gaming community.


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