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I played parts of 6 shoes in 3 days at Coconut Creek in Florida.

Scores were (before comm) +20, -11, +13, +11, -6, +27 total +54

A quick summary of the shoes:

1. Entered at hand 52. SAP count was 15, 16, 12, 4

I played OTB4L and got out at hand 75 (24 hands)

Low point was -4, high +23. Won 15 lost 9 +20

2. Entered at start of shoe. Played S40. Got out at

hand 8. My mistake was getting in too soon. If I had

waited longer I would have recognized that it was made

for F2. Mark this off as a learning experience. -11

3. Entered near the end. The last 14 hands were BBB P

BBB P BBB P B. It was screaming F.I was down a bit at

the start but the shoe ended with 10 of the last 11

hands P. Played 18 hands, won 11 lost 7. +13

4. Entered hand 43, SAP 11, 10, 8, 12. Played OTB4L.

Played 16 hands, won 10 lost 6, never minus +11

5. Entered just before the end - only played 4 hands. -6

6. Entered at start. Began with S40 and was +10 at hand 14.

SAP was 4, 0, 4, 4. Switched to F2 and won 10 of my next

13 bets. At hand 47 I was +36 and quit at hand 56 +27

I have now played NOR on 3 trips. I started with a BR of $500

and it is now $1500. My play will go into hibernation now for the

football season (yes, it is starting already). I will continue to

practice and hope to begin casino hopping in November. I guess

I will be upping my unit size with my larger BR.


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Way to go Paul but it don't surprise me none! Hey guys, between you guys who have posted plus players who have called or PMed me, we are looking at quite a few winning NOR trip reports now. It is very unusual to get all good reports and no bad ones. And some of you have had several good trips in a row now. Combined, we are looking at a lot of shoes. I'm hoping we can add a bunch more at the seminar and I suspect we will. We are starting to get this thing down pretty pat.

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