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Hi Keith,

When playing Bac and 2 is LC and 3 is MC when you go OTR after 2 do you stop after 1 bet and bet opposite because that would be 3 in a row which would make it MC?

A smart question! You are referring to S40. When you get into NOR you'll see that we call those Modes.Mode 2 we go OTR after 2 losing bets and Mode 3 we go after 3 losing bets. We usually start a shoe with Mode 3 because it beats 1s, 2s and 3s automatically while Mode 2 loses to 3s. That is unless we are starting mid shoe when we already know the correct mode.

In Mode 2, which you are referring to, we usually start by staying on the run for 2 bets and from there we would go by whether that 2nd OTR bet won or lost. In Mose 3 we stay OTR for only 1 bet except under the rare circumstance when we are seeing a lot of long runs. In that case we stay OTR until we lose. This circumstance is rare because it is unlikely we would be playing S 40 in a shoe that streaky once you know NOR. But in S40 in general, high 3s = Mode 3 and high 4+s = Mode 2.

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