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Does anyone feel that there are just certain hands that they get more often than others? For me it's J4 and more recently Q3

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Nature luck of interest to many people, regardless of age, social status and other criteria. Clarification of this question seriously dealing with scientists who specialize in the sociology and psychology. In large-scale studies on such a hypothetical problem of luck-bad luck took real people and not even hundreds, but thousands. And these were all people who consider themselves lucky. The end result of the study was the formula Y (success) = X (personality characteristics) + W (Health Review) + C (self-esteem and sense of humor) By the way, the personality characteristics were included qualities such as strong position in life, communication skills and flexibility in mind. Health involves more than physical capital and money, and human - in other words, friends. Each of these terms contains a lot of other criteria, calculated in points, the scientists adopted a special scale. It would seem, is nothing new, because, logically, lucky man should possess all these characteristics. However, there was a scientific study is another point which is of interest, and really explains the incomprehensible nature of luck. Thus, the scientists found that the most important quality of successful people is their perception of the living situation, the ability to seize the opportunity that any other will not even notice. If a person is willing to use the chance, he certainly lucky. This ability is similar to the expansion of consciousness, usually because these people know how to think more broadly of their

. This theory is supported by research professor of psychology at Hertfordshire Richard Weissman. He wrote a book "The Luck Factor". In the process of writing the book, he joined the principles of probability theory and quantum mechanics. By the above conclusion that the scientist has come, when an experiment for the book. He lay in the fact that the two categories of people who considered themselves either losers, or lucky, was distributed newspaper containing many advertisements. The task for the subjects were given the following - to count the illustrations in the newspaper. Among other things, on one of the pages were printed a large ad "Tell the experimenter you saw it, and get a reward of 250 pounds." Surprisingly, none of the "group of losers" did not attach importance to it simply did not notice the text, because their attention was focused on the pictures. Just as had been withdrawn quality lucky, scientists have identified and the quality of unlucky people. Typically, they have mass complexes, a constant restraint, low self-esteem, tension and anxiety, neurosality. These qualities are blind people the ability to perceive new opportunities, which are equally open

all. Is it possible to change your life from failure to luck? Yes, say researchers, but it will take to change your thinking and join the group of successful people, as luck "contagious".

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Does anyone feel that there are just certain hands that they get more often than others? For me it's J4 and more recently Q3

I remember once when I got 12 12s in a row but the odds of a 10 value card are 4 in 13 and the odds of all other cards are 1 in 13. The only 2 card hand you may get more often than those odds dictate will be a 2 ten 20. The rest is coincidence. There actually is no such thing as luck- no identifiable cosmic force, only coincidence. However there is much truth to the saying: "The more I study and practice, the luckier I get."

Success breeds success. Top BJ players are more likely to come from the ranks of successful people because successful people most likely contributed to their own success through study, observation and practice and they know what traits bring success. It has become their accustomed way of life.

When a would be BJ student comes to me and says: "I have no job and failed at everything I ever tried so now I want to be a BJ player", I already know there is no hope of teaching this guy anything. He will lose and likely end up in the ranks with those who call me a scammer. They do so because they are unteachable.

On the other hand, when a would be student comes to me and says: "I've been successful at everything else I tried so now I want to try BJ." I already know I have before me a potentially great BJ player who will end up supporting me forever.

Yes, I can make successful BJ players. But first, they have to be successful people. Those, I can't make. That, they must do themselves.

BJ is not only a skill, it is a virtual art form. No two games are exactly alike and most games are unbeatable. The first thing you have to know is which games you can beat and which games you can't. THEN you must know how to beat the beatable games while avoiding the unbeatable games. Sure you must know the 500 plays of Basic Strategy but far more importantly, you must also know when to defy Basic Strategy. Show me a player who plays by rote and I'll show you a loser. This is a thinking man's game. But anyone capable of acquiring any skill can acquire this skill if he possesses enough desire and motivation.

The same goes for Baccarat!

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